Monday, November 28, 2011


Today has been a pretty busy day here in Party Central. Pops has been here with me and Rock Star and Mike is already on his way back here. So far today....

David and Pops have played many heated games of Chutes and Ladders. I hate to brag but David has won the last three games:)

He has watched Lion King (again) on this portable DVD player.

He even went to school this morning. Here he is with his teacher doing addition on an Ipad. He was so indepenent and did not want Mom or Pops to escort him for his first real day of school:) It was so touching to see him walking with the teacher down the hall in his pj's and with his IV pole. I am so blown away each and everyday how he takes this all in stride. He is truly our brave Rock Star and I am one proud Momma.

The other big news of the day was that he completed his first day of chemo. Here is Nurse Erin injecting the first medicine through his port. Both drugs were administered in under 15 minutes and it was very anti-climatic. I just watched that medicine going in and prayed over it that it would do its job:) I cannot express the peace that I have had today. I thought I would be a nervous wreck and be very emotional, but I was the complete opposite. I feel the Lord's peace here with me. He knows how scared I am and his Grace has truly been sufficient for me. Today David and I have been singing the song "Our God"

Our God is Greater

Our God is Stronger

God you are higher than any other

Our God is healer

Awesome in power

Our God, our God.

David adores that song and we have been singing it all day here in Party Central. I think it is perfectly appropriate song for our first day of chemo. Chris Tomlin (one of my favorites) sings it and it has really spoken to me today.

To celebrate the first day of chemo Mommy went out and bought him a cheeseburger and fries from Wendy's with a Frosty!!! I met with the nutritionist today and the name of the game is high calorie food! He has already lost three pounds being here and considering he will probably lose more over the course of chemo then we need to be vigiliant about pushing food and fluids on our Rock Star.

We have had a good but busy day here in Party Central. So far David is tolerating the chemo well, but the oncologist (still hate that word) says that it could be a day or two before the side effects kick in. We are so proud of our brave Rock Star and we appreciate all the prayers, love and concern from you all.

Mike and I have been blown away and so touched by your support and love for our David. Thank you for approaching the Throne of Grace on our David's behalf and remembering him in your prayers. Thank you for the calls, texts, fb messages, and emails. Even if we do not respond, just know that we read everyone of them and they do boost us and make us smile:) We feel your love and we cannot wait to come home to Smyth County with our Rock Star:)

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  1. Kelly's Cousin Karin in CaliforniaNovember 29, 2011 at 9:08 AM

    I am Kelly Marchant's cousin and she called me when she heard David and asked me to pray for him and his family. I have called and asked some of my prayer warrior friends to pray and have put him on the prayer list at church and our bible studies to be bringing David and your family before the throne of the King of Kings. I have been reading your blogs to keep updated and I have to tell you how your blog on Chemotherapy was a blessing to me. Monday I was praying and fasting for David's first day of chemotherapy. I have a 6 year old w/cerebral palsy and we know a little more about hospitals than I would like. (Your comment about having to hold him down when getting " stuck" struck home and David is blessed to have a momma who would STAY while this was being done. I was shocked when Our nurses asked if I wanted to leave the room as most did because it was often very hard on the mom...I said "I think it's harder on him. How can my son learn God will never leave him if I don't set an example?"). And then you talked about singing "Our God". My son was "randomly" singing THAT song (over and over)yesterday morning after we had prayed for David! When he came home from school he was singing the "Cheeseburger" song from Veggie Tales! There are no coincidences when God's hand is moving among His people and your writing them was a "God wink"for me! Here I am, a mom in California who doesn't know you, yet He is confirming my prayers for David ...through Jackson (my son). Know you are being lifted up multiple times daily. I was praying specifically for peace for YOU yesterday, and you used that word to describe how you felt. What an AWESOME God He is! Know we take the privilege of praying seriously.... You are in our prayers.