Friday, November 18, 2011


David is still in surgery. We are praying that this is because they want to be thorough. The clock is slowly ticking and we miss him so much. After being all together in this little room for the last few days we miss him terribly.

He has kept us laughing hysterically today. He received an Ipod from our dear librarian, Ms. Tracy full of his favorite songs and he put on a show. He sang and was so silly. It distracted him from his desire for food and drink.

We have been distracted with lots of visits, hugs, and smiles from friends from Smyth County, Orange County, and Charlottesville. I am so sorry visitors if I cried on you-it was a rough morning where David had to endure lots of procedures and tests and it was rough. Then he took all the stress away with his silly charm:)

We are trying to remain faithful. Right now we are sitting in our room with Suzanne and Jonathan. We are just talking and sneaking peaks at the clock. I want my baby here.

We still feel like there are lots of question marks still. We thought for sure that the other kidney and adrenal gland were not affected but then they made sure to tell us that they were going to inspect the other kidney because scans cannot always be trusted. I was crushed because I thought that we had already dealt with that. Hard news to hear.

We are desperate to talk to the surgeon. Now that we know that scans cannot be trusted I am desperate to hear what they saw when he was opened up.

This is what we know:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today , and tomorrow. We are so appreciative of all the bible verses-we cannot wait to decorate his new PICU room with them. We have had to pack up tonight to move to the PICU. That part was hard.

I have a new cute pink bible that I love:)

We are amazed and in awe of all the love that our little guy has received. You all know how to stand in the gap for a family.

We know that God can and will use this for His glory. We feel His grace and peace. It would be so tempting to fall into the "why me" but we are choosing to remember that He does not bring you to it if He is not going to take you through it.

We received a stack of cards from MPS tonight where David goes to school. They made us heehaw. One student's said that says "Dear Love Lord, I hope you FILL better and then the end said Dear Love Lord I hope he stops the a coughen and sneezen. We all literally fell in the floor laughing. How precious that that child was praying for David and when he heard that he was sick he thought of coughing and sneezing. In the stack of cards a lot of the children drew a picture of DAvid with his red hair and freckles. We will treasure these forever because they are so heartfelt.

Thanks to all your generosity we have a room full of goodies, drinks, and fun toys. We are so touched and it will keep us from running up and down the stairs to get snacks. The elevators are out tonight and so we are having to use the stairs and we are on the 7th floor.

We are anxious, and so ready to have our post-op conference with the surgeon. We are desperate to hear what he saw inside our angel's body. Now that we know that scans cannot be all trusted then I want to know what he saw.

Thanks for the love and prayers. We are beyond blessed that our boy has such a fan club. Stay strong in the faith and knowledge that Jesus Christ loves us all dearly:)


  1. Your story was shared with me through a lady at church, and she referred me to your blog. David is absolutely PRECIOUS! Just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for him and also for your family. You yourself are truly an inspiration in how you know that God will take care of all of you through this. It really is amazing and your faith really comes through in your posts. Stay strong. David will be lifted up in prayer from the Crotts household tonight in Salem, VA!!

  2. We are holding you all so tight in our hearts, thoughts and prayers!
    Love, Susan Aylor

  3. We are praying for all of you. God Bless