Monday, November 28, 2011

Today is the Day

Just a brief update after all the doctor consults this morning. The surgeon that did DAvid's surgery came by and is pleased with how strong and well he is doing. Everyone is concerned that he is not eating or drinking much but we are trying. He is on IV fluids now to prep for chemo so he is staying hydrated. The only thing he seems excited to eat is Dunkin Donuts so at least they are high calorie!

At this point the order has been placed for chemo and he started IV fluids and Zofran which is an anti-nausea medicine. He will get both before each treatment. They drew blood already for chemo off of his port-a-cath this morning so we are all ready to roll.

I must tell you two stories of God's grace and mercy to us here. I have been so worried about the port-a-cath being painful to him. We really had no choice but to put it in, but it has worried me so much. His nurse last night actually suffers from Chrohn's Disease and she herself has a port!! I talked to her so much about it and she made me feel so good about it. She says that it is truly the way to go and will avoid lots of painful sticks. It was such a blessing to talk to her last night and then this morning she came to draw blood and he slept through the entire thing. Sure beats those painful blood draws last week where we all had to hold him down.

I was not sad at all that we did not get to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal. That meal is not my favorite but I do love some pumpkin pie. It hit me yesterday that I never got a bite of pumpkin pie but last night when I went to the RMH for a shower a local bakery was delivering pies and guess which one I got?!! You guessed it a pumpkin pie!:) It was so good that I even had a bite for breakfast this morning:)

I know those are two little examples but we see God's hand at work here so that is why I have so much peace today as we start our big battle again Goliath. We must start to finish:) Rock Star is doing great. We actually have had to hide his red wheel chair because he is feeling well enough to hop in that thing and take off! HA! He is back to his strong-willed self and we LOVE it.

I will update later after the treatment ends. Keep praying but know that this Momma is at peace. We love our Jesus and we love our Rock Star. My other two babes are home and in good hands and all is well here from PArty Central.

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  1. I'm praying and I have to tell you, that you are one strong Momma.