Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ups and Downs Here in Party Central

Today has been a day full of friends and catching up. The Grubbs, Suzanne, and Tonya and Caleb Osborne came down today. We really had a wonderful afternoon because they brought so many cards, gifts, and love from Marion. I will post pictures later from our fun day together. The ladies (with Kyle and Caleb) went to Brixx for some pizza and a trip to Old Navy to stock up on some clothes and such. It was so nice to get out for an hour or so:)

Then we returned to the hospital and our oncologist was waiting for me to talk. The final pathology came back today. We had a wonderful surgeon who really looked all over David while he was in surgery. Anything that looked suspicious was removed and biopsied.

The surgeon found a small place in his stomach and when the biopsy came back it was found to be another Wilm's Tumor in his stomach. Thankfully Dr. Kane the surgeon has already taken out that small place, but now David will need additional radiation therapy to start next week to kill any microscopic cells that were left behind. Aggressive is how we are handeling this cancer and to be thorough he needs 6-7 radiation treatments to combat any stray cells.

This is clearly not what we wanted to hear because now that lengthens our stay here for another two weeks possibly. I will admit I fell apart at first but then after talking with the radiation doctor this type of radiation is very successful in treating this. I heard him but I also heard that we are going to be here a lot longer and that the cancer had indeed spread to his stomach.

I am feeling a wee bit overwhelmed from the emotional rollercoaster of the day. We really had a great afternoon with some dear friends, but then the rug was pulled out from us with the news that he did have a small cancer tumor in his stomach and now additional radiation is needed.

Tonight is one of those nights that I am so thankful I have my new sassy pink bible. This afternoon I allowed fear and faithlessness to sneak in, but I am going to review my bible verses and remember who my God is. I am so thankful that I have a relationship with God because you must know Him to know His power, might, and grace.

If I did not have a close relationship with my Lord I know that tonight in Central 7 I would have sunk. This was totally out of the blue-I thought all the bad news was out already, but this was unexpected. At first I caved to the fear and doubt, but then the doctors are so reassuring that this cancer is amenable to treatment and then I remembered that my God is bigger and stronger than any cancer cells. He is so faithful and he met me on my knees tonight reassuring me that He is who He says he is. He knows I am scared to death but me also reminds me that He loves our David even more than we do:)


  1. Love and prayers from Rural Retreat, your family is an inspiration to us all, keep the Faith, you are right, the good Lord will see all of you through this. Dave is so strong, remember that with his strength and God, Dave will win!
    Sabrina King

  2. Kimberly Ball RobinsonNovember 23, 2011 at 7:34 PM

    My heart is heavy reading your last post. I know God hears you and your prayers. I know God is holding you all close to Him. I wish I could lessen your burden I wish there were words I could speak to take this all away. I will continue to pray as I know everyone will. Please if there is anything you need don't hesitate to ask. This Thanksgiving I realize how truly blessed I am to have 4 wonderful children and your family is truly blessed to have so much love surrounding you. God bless you and your family. Give David an extra hug from the Ball/Robinson family back here in Marion.

  3. Continued prayers here in Marion. I hate to hear that you received that disturbing news today but I am also a true believer that God can perform miracles. Keep the faith. May God give you peace during this time. My Life Group from Highlands Fellowship has your family on their prayer list.

  4. My continued thoughts and prayers are with David, you, Dr. Robinson, Kyle, and Hope.