Sunday, November 20, 2011


Today has been a peaceful day around here. David has been super sleepy but not in any pain:) Here are the victories that we have celebrated today:

One IV out!!! He is still majorly "hooked up" but this was the original one put in at SMCH. Speaking of our local community hospital, this major medical center has been very complimentary of the care that we received there. According to our doctor here, they did everything righton even to the point that they did not need to repeat any of the scans and such here. Our little local hospital was right on with this boy:) Good job SCCH:)

We moved out of the PICU!!! Whoo hoo! That was a moral boost for us today!! We are now in a huge private room on 7 Central. We are now referring to this as the party room because we have room to pull out all the fun stuff that he has received and there is plenty of room in here for his fan club. We were given this room because of our infamous reputation already for the number of visitors!

A home-cooked meal. Ashley's friends, Wendi and Jennifer drove here from Marion today to pick up Ashley and to bring us a home-cooked meal. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, macaroni and cheese, and homemade pumpkin roll were awesome. We also have enough leftovers for tomorrow! Thanks ladies for your thoughtfulness.

Okay, warning about graphic pictures coming.... IF you are squeamish scroll down fast!!

This is his incision. Amazing huh?! We thought it would be all gauzed up and such, but this major incision was simply "glued" back together. We were blown away when he came back from surgery. I must say it is a pretty incision.

Do you see the two places on his chest? Those are where the port-a-cath was inserted. I still cannot wrap my brain around that one, but that is for later down the road. It is healing nicely they say.

Pardon the stomach bile, but here are some of DAvid's bible verses that we literally laid over his bed today. We are really enjoying working through the list from facebook and I have spent lots of time this evening in my new sassy pink bible.

We had Wendi bring down our Disney scrapbook that just came in the mail so we can start planning our "this nightmare is behind us party" and another trip to Disney:) This Momma could use a dose of time in the fantasyland of Disney. That sounds like pure heaven considering where we are.

My little multi-tasker enjoying the only thing we liked about the PICU-this comfortable and cozy window seat.

Watching a movie:) Also a great shot of his "sprinkles"

This picture was taken right before Jason and Ashley left to go home. Poor Ashley had just been crying at the thought of leaving him. She has been with us since the ER where this nightmare started. I am writing this through tears, but she and Jason have been angels during the last few days. They have moved our things around for us, run to Walmart for us, helped us "listen" and collect info from the docs, and we are beyond blessed to have these two in our life.

Here is Wendi saying goodbye to David! She sat with him so we could leave the room to eat her yummy dinner. We do not eat in here in front of David. It will still be days before he can eat or drink due to the tube in his nose:(

Starting to decorate our window with some of the fun stuff like coloring books, pictures, cards, and such. Thank you all for the gifts and for your generosity.

I have received many messages today that David was prayed for in lots and lots of churches today. Thank you dear friends for loving my David enough to pray and ask others to pray. I have to admit that I have prayed a lot but with very few words. Last night I laid in the bed and tried to pray but the tears came instead of the words. All I could get out was "help us, heal him, you be glorified." I could not get words to come out but that was my chant over and over.

Today I have thought so much over how fitting his name is. We have kind of renamed him to Rock Star lately, but his given name of David is so perfect. When he was born we thought his Goliath was going to be Down Syndrome, but clearly there is a bigger Goliath in mind for David called Stage Four Cancer. That is fine-we have got our faith and we are warming up our sling shot. Bring it Cancer Goliath-our God is bigger than you!

I received many messages today about how big attendance was in many churches in our county today. One message even said that David's trials have been used to create a faith revivial in our area. I can handle this nightmare a little bit easier if I know that the Lord is using this precious seven year old Rock Star to bring people closer to him. If people are seeking his face and praying to Him for David then it lessens the pain of what we are enduring.

I keep singing in my head the song "Bring the Rain"

Bring me Joy

Bring me Peace

Bring the chance to be free

Bring me Anything that brings you glory

And I know They'll be days

When this life brings me Pain

But If that is what it takes to praise you

Jesus Bring the Rain

If you do not know this song, look it up with lyrics on youtube. It is also the third song that comes up on our blog. I love it and it fits our circumstances perfectly. We are in a downpour here and barely hanging on to our "umbrellas" but Jesus bring the rain for your glory.

I remember just a week ago I had turned that song on while I mopped and I was getting my praise on and I stopped and thought that that is a hard song to sing. We all want to praise God, but we do not want the rain to come. But this Momma is grasping for an umbrella during the downpour but trying so continue to praise the One that is sustaining us during this storm.

Tomorrow brings another day of healing here. We are waiting for Tuesday to come which will be the day that we anticipate to get the pathology of the tumor back. That pathology report will determine our course of treatment from here on out. I am really not anxious about it but I am ready to hear it truly is Wilm's and if it is the favorable or unfavorable kind. Specifically pray that it is the favorable type of Wilm's.

Thank you dear friends for your continued love and prayers:) Rock Star is healing nicely!


  1. I have been faithfully reading your blog with my trusty box of tissues for the last few days. I have 2 precious children and your faith, strength, and positive attitude are amazing to me. I pray for your family daily and I know that our GOD is good all the time. He hears even the smallest prayer. GOD bless you all.

  2. Loving & praying for you all precious family!! God is in charge and I believe He has great things planned for your sweet boy.! Love and prayers for God's special Blessings!! Wayne & Liz Moreland

  3. Prayers your way! Your strong faith is truly amazing and very inspiring. What a hero David is!! Bless his heart! Have you read John Piper's "don't waste your cancer"? Here is a link to the article. Please take a minute to read it if you haven't before. It's powerful stuff!

  4. I so wish I could be there to give him a hug. I missed having him in music. I have my church in Abingdon praying and several churches in Oklahoma City and all over Florida. Today in Sunday School our teacher made us write down the things we were thankful for (including things that we would perceive to be "not good"), in other words, finding the blessings in the rain. Then I read your post and I thought, wow, did she and my Sunday school teacher talk? You are truly an inspiration and David is amazing. God is using your family in a mighty way right now. What a blessing. Mom wants you to know that she and her church are praying. (She is not computer literate and she REQUIRES me to update her regularly). We love you and your family. Tell David he will always be my favorite "Rock Star".
    Chrystle Gates

  5. Vicki Frye

    Last night I found myself praying for David everytime I woke up. I can remember him running around at the T-ball games the first year when Kyle and Cooper played together. I am praying each and everyday several times a day for David. I follow you all on this blog everyday again I check it several times. I am glad that everyone is in the "big room" now. I am sure that it is more comfortable. I pray that Jesus will wrap his loving and healing arms around David. I hope and pray that Jesus will provide you with the strength that you and your family needs to get you all through each and everyday with your "Rock Star." I am praying and thinking of each and everyone of you everyday

  6. Hi Laura and David! This is Emily (Gates) Prucha writing you guys from Prague, CZ. It is cold and gray here and I was on the computer hoping to catch up on news from home. Allison Jennings had posted a link to your website on facebook and there I began with shock to read about David's Goliath struggle. David, we're sending you our best prayers and wishes from overseas and counting on seeing you next summer at the swimming pool, where we met this past summer! Much love from your friends across the ocean, Emily, Radek, Anna Lee, Oliver and Samuel.

  7. I gave my 3 grandbabies an extra hug and kiss and thanked God for their health. David is on our church prayer list. May God bless your family.

  8. we prayed for David and all of you at our church yesterday..we have him on our prayer list, too. David is in God's hands...God Bless you all.
    The Church of God in Marion, Va.

  9. I have been keeping up with your blog and praying for little David (as well as you all) daily. I just listed to the song you posted above and it was truly a blessing. You guys keep up the praise and we will keep up the prayers!!

  10. I stumbled across your blog today on FB. You and your family have been in my prayers since I heard about little David. You are a strong and courageous mother to be able to get on here and write the things you do. WOW! You have inspired me to start something like this so that if this terrible C word ever plagues my home I will have those memories. Please give Mike a hug and tell him it is from Vickie Osborne. Also, big hugs to David, you, and siblings. Prayers continue for you and your family.

  11. Each time I have prayed I would call him our Little David who faced a mighty big Giant. Well, it looks like Little David has taken his 5 stones (Love, Courage, Hope, Faith, and Prayer)and with his sling shot he has hit his target. That big Giant in front of him is coming down. Let him know he is in all of our prayers as well as you his family.

    From Rev. Herman Cress (Crystal Dixon's Dad)