Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mr. Rockstar

Today is so beautiful here in Wahooland. Check out Mr. Rock Star's muscles!!!

I had to do laundry last night at the RMH house so he could wear his Rock Star shirt AGAIN today. It is the coolest shirt because it has an amp in it and you literally strum the guitar on the shirt and you can rock on. It is loud!

Don't you love this picture that Jason got of David??!!! David called Jason and Ashley last night and said "may I can you come see me?" So guess who came down today for another visit and bearing gifts of homemade lasagna!! He is soooo rotten:)

So today has been a great day of rest and healing. We have bribed David to drink using Youtube as his reward. Last night he had to be hooked up to IV because he did not drink enough yesterday. He MUST be well hydrated to start his chemo tomorrow afternoon. The oncologist today said that his first round of chemo will start tomorrow afternoon and it will be administered right here in the room. I know this sounds weird, but I can't wait to see the IV bag of chemo so I can pray over it. I just keep visualizing those strong chemicals wiping out these circles of cancer on my baby's lungs. My God is bigger than cancer cells:)

So here is Mr. Rock Star watching Lion King (again) with his two favorite band members-AShley and Jason:) We are doing exactly what the oncologist told us to do-rest and hydrate for tomorrow.

Mike took Kyle and Hope home to Marion to meet my Mom and grandmother. It was hard saying goodbye to them, but I had peace about it. I know they are going to be in good hands and I know that David needs me right now. Mom will be in Marion all week with them. Mike is going to check in at work tomorrow and come back tomorrow afternoon in time for the chemo. He is such a good Daddy and until today has yet to leave his side.

Speaking of Mike, today is our 12th anniversary! I cannot believe that 12 years ago we were getting all dolled up to say our sacred vowels. We do not have a perfect marriage but we are in it for the long haul:) I have fallen in love with him all over again watching him tenderly care for our baby. He is a wonderful, selfless Daddy to our babes.

Twelve years ago we were living here in Charlottesville and it is so full circle that here on our 12th anniversary we are back here with our sick babe. I think back on 12 years of marriage and I am once again reminded of God's faithfulness to our marriage. Anyone that knows us well or spends time with us knows that we are both strong-willed but we love our kiddos. Mike has texted me from the dug out of a ball game before telling me to quit yelling! Ha! We do not have a perfect marriage but we are perfect for each other. He is a wonderful Christian man and he takes his Jesus and his kids seriously. We have held each other tight over the last 10 days being strong for each other. When we said "for better or for worse" in our marriage vows I never imagined that we would be standing over our baby's hospital bed talking chemo and radiation.

Mike is a "stick to it" kind of man and I never doubt his loyalty and committment to our family. He works like a dog running the school system and still makes time to be full involved in his kids' lives. He is the hard core disciplinarian where I am more laid back and nurturing. We do the "good cop, bad cop" thing well:) So Happy Anniversary Mike Robinson!!! I love you and I would say yes again!

When I know more details about tomorrow I will update the blog. We have just been in a holding pattern this weekend to allow David to rest and get strong to take down this Goliath. I am somewhat anxious about tomorrow in terms of the side effects, but I am at peace that it must be done. God has provided so much peace to us throughout this nightare. Keep praying dear friends and when I know more specifically about the time tomorrow I will update blog.


  1. You don't know me, I learned of David's story through a mutual FB friend's post for prayer, and have been following your blog. Please know that I have been praying for all of you ever since, and have added David to my church's prayer list here in Churchville. As a breast cancer survivor, I know some of what you are feeling about the chemo and radiation side effects. Remember, everything they talked about are "possible" side effects. Everyone reacts differently. There are so many things they can do to counteract them if he does start showing any adverse side effects.I am praying that David will be able to tolerate the treatments easliy! Thanks for the updates on your blog! Just remember what an awsome God we have, and what miracles he can preform.

  2. A dear friend once told me that if you are awaken and cant fall back to sleep...start praying for your family and friends. As you will be able to tell from the time of this post...your family is being brought before a loving and attentive Father who knows our every need and wants to grant the desires of our heart.