Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day

Despite the circumstances we have really had a good day. GG, Pops, and Hope came down to visit as well as Ashley and Jason.

The remote control car has been a hit with us all. It has made David get up and be active!

A group walk through 7 Central. Our meal consisted of whatever the cafeteria was serving but Mr. Rock STar had a cheeseburger and fries:)

Pops and David having a sweet moment in the hallway. These two have a sweet and special bond.

Now that he can eat regular food and play with both of his siblings he is such a happy clam:) We just got the word that the lymphatic fluid has slowed enough and that the tube can come out tomorrow!!!:) Praise God!! We are so thrilled the fluid has stopped and we are tired of fooling with that drainage bulb.

It has been a happy sibling reunion today. Kyle has not seen Hope in several days and it has been so fun to watch them interact.

These are two of David's very favorite people!!! Thanks for the love Ashley and Jason:)

Have I said lately how amazing Kyle has been? He gives David medicine, gives him his drinks, makes him get up and play, and just loves his baby brother.

I love this picture of my sweet boys.

His spunk his back and that makes this Momma so happy:) We love you Rock Star!!

That mischevious grin is back and we love it. He is so rotten:)

Our friends, The Johnsons sent David a Hokie hat that is signed by Frank Beamer! He is going to wear it Saturday when the Hokie Bird shows up!

Snuggled on the bed watching Beauty and the Beast:) Tonight we are thrilled that we are all here together. Kyle and Hope are going to stay here with us until Sunday when they are going back to Marion with my Mom.

I cannot take credit for this sweet picture-Jason got it on my camera and I love it!!!

I want to frame this picture of Pops and David holding hands. These two have a special little bond:)

Can't you just feel the love? We really have had a good day today. Mike and I even stepped out for a little bit this evening to do some Christmas shopping for the kiddos. It felt weird to be out shopping just for a bit, but we knew that David was in good hands.

So today on Thanksgiving Day we are certainly not where he had planned to be. But regardless of where we are we can still love on our loved ones and take time to be thankful for the MANY blessings that theLord has showered upon our family. We are thankful to you, our prayer warriors for praying us through this past week. We are thankful for David for entertaning us and making us smile even through our tears, and for our Lord who is sustaining us each and every moment here in 7 Central.


  1. I would just like to let you and your family know that I have been prayig and thinking about you all since I heard the news. I am a cancer survivor and know what poor little David is going through, it's tough, and it's hard, but just from looking at thses pictures and reading about his progress I know he has it in him to fight this battle. He seems like a strong little boy! Just keep looking to God and he will help you through this tough time!

    -Allison :)

  2. Laura,
    You are such an inspiration with your words and your faith!! We are all still praying hard, this morning as we were standing in line waiting to get into a store we were talking about David someone in front of us asked about it also we told them what he was going through and how strong in the Lord you guys were and we had half a line saying a prayer for you all!! We love you and are praying for you and now you have about 60 more strangers praying for you and your family!!

  3. Laura and Mike.
    I love to sit down and read what you write about David and the family. I find a peace in the words and how you state them.I know God is with you all. David will do find with with this he has something most don't. He is so up beat smiling laughing and no fear. We all need to look to him for our enter strength. We see the changes in him everyday if we could only see thru his eyes. He has so much beauty in him and love.hold on to that everyday. I have been thru the radation with my husband I know what you are feeling. Don't ever give up hope there is always hope. He is a fighter remember that. GOD is so great he will carry us all the way. This little town of Marion has A HERO and it David.He has brought people back to praying and praying hard. Tell him Ben and Tanner said to hurry and get home.keep us informed