Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reality Check

This morning has been rough. Rock Star is definitely feeling the effects of the chemo coupled with the fact that his bowels are finally woken up from the big surgery. He has had lots of loose bowels this morning which has hurt his bottom. At this point his output has chemo chemicals in it, so his little bottom is raw:( He finally had a big poop, threw up and has had a nap so hopefully we are past it.

This morning it has been painful and sad to watch him be so sick. It has been a reality check for me that chemo is grueling and hard and it is going to knock my baby for a loop. Tomorrow we are having a practice radiation session with the first session scheduled for Thursday. I believe the next two weeks of treatment are going to be brutal so please keep praying for strength for Rock Star.

Eating and drinking enough is the challenge now because he is basically refusing. At first I thought he had lost only three pounds, but the nutritionist came by today and said that it was three kilos he has lost which is six pounds. Ouch-that makes this Momma nervous. The nutritionist said that David is on her radar and she is stopping by often to touch base with us. Have I mentioned how awesome this place is?? :)

I got to visit with Lynn today who stopped by. It was nice to catch up with news from home and we are SO excited about Team David in the Thomas Musser walk this weekend. Thank you all so much for being on Team David and for the Mussers to allow our team to participate in the walk:) I cannot wait to see pictures!!!!!!!!!

So today we are holding on and loving on our sick baby. He is sick and we have had lots of professionals in here today. That part is overwhelming but I know they are here to help us:) Keep praying and knowing that this Momma is clinging to Jesus today as I watch my baby suffer side effects of the chemicals that can save his life. It has been stressful and emotional day but I enjoyed a visit from a friend and now David's is jamming in music therapy:) Keep praying dear friends-our God is here and working!!!

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  1. Words are never enough, but know that thoughts and prayers for "D" are always there. Thinking back to Vacation Bible School, "D" was my co-pilot in the van, depending on me to take him to and from, but now I find that I am his co pilot. So much can be learned from this child. The smiles on his face in in every picture seen should be a reminder that these trivial things in life can be faced and approached with such a different dignity than most do. David is such an inspiration in the way that he has just been David. Whatever comes his way, he just moves forward. He has touched so many people, and has really changed the outlook of many with his "Rock-Star" attitude, and I, as well as many are so proud of him. "D", keep smiling buddy, your are such a trooper. Thank Youn for your inspiration, We Love You!