Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Plan As of Now

Okay we have a game plan as of now. The word is aggressive and that is how we are attacking the ugly c word.

Tomorrow afternoon David will undergo a 4-5 hour surgery to remove the affected kidney. The surgery and oncology team think this is the aggressive way to begin to battle this Goliath. Then they will also insert a Central line in his chest to be in place for further chemo treatments (I hate that darn word). Tonight David will undergo another CT scan with contasting dye to double check these masses. In Smyth County ER they only did IV dye and did not make him drink the dye as well for contrast. Here we are doing it because we need a clear shot of this area.

Sometime tonight he will also undergo a bone scan to make sure that this cancer has not spread to additional areas. It is disheartening that the lungs are already affected so we pray that the cancer has not gone beyond the lungs. That is a specific prayer request that we ask all of our prayer warriors. We have taken a lot of bad news in a short amount of time and I pray that we are not going to find anything else.

David is not in any pain now. His belly area is tender and he is oh so over being prodded. He is in heaven watching Lion King and Ashley and I snuck out to Walmart to restock our provisions and we got him a new Simba stuffed animal and a Buzz lightyear game.

I am sad he is losing his kidney but I am all in favor of being aggressive. The next step after that is going to be to deal with those lung lesions.

That is all we now know. We are snuggled in room 46 in Central 7. We are ready to root on the Hokies if we can stay awake to watch them on TV. Several have asked for address and we are working on that.

We love you all. We are scared but trying to remain faithful to God in providing for our David. Today I have been okay but Mike has had a harder day emotionally. We feel your love and are so appreciative of all the love and concern for our David.


  1. Mr & Mrs Robinson,

    I am so touched by your Blog! You are such a wonderful person and have so much faith and love in our God! From mother to mother, know my heart breaks for you. Please know that David and the entire family is in my prayers. God gave us the most precious miralce of all and that is being a mother to our children and he will be by yourside all of the way. I could not imagine what you all are going through as parents!! It breaks my heart for David and for you all as well. God will carry him through this in his arms with comfort and love. God is a good God he will be there every step of the way! All of Smyth County is praying!!! Hold on tight to the hand of God he will see you through!! Prayers and Love
    Whitney Robinson

  2. lwmoreland@hughes.netNovember 17, 2011 at 7:27 PM

    Dear precious family=you are all in our prayers.God is in charge and will carry you through this. Keep feeling His great love for you all and hang tight to His healing hand. Love & prayers for a special Blessing!! Wayne & Liz Moreland

  3. My heart is broken for you. We don't know each other but I'm a mother and a grandmother. I pray for God to put your family in my heart and mind and prompt me when I need to pray. I can't find the words to tell you how sorry I am this has happened to your little man. He is adorable ! Lord Jesus please take this precious one in your hands and perfect every part of his body. Be with his family and hold them in your arms. I send all my love to your family!!

  4. Dear Robinsons, I am so distraught at this news. I marvel at what we endure in life, but a wonderful message was given to me recently in my hour of pain, "Our trials and hurts are enormous, but our GOD's love is greater than all of the pain." Keep your hearts and eyes to the light of God's almighty power for hope and healing. I send my love and prayers to you. You have been so good to Smyth County, and now I pray that God will shed his healing and strength on each of you. Mary Lynn Hammer

  5. I dont personally know you all but my heart goes out to you and i pray that God puts his hand on that little guy and takes care of everything ... You all are in my thoughts and prayers and im so sorry you all are going through this ...

  6. My prayers are with you and your family. Please keep your faith in God!! Be strong and hold your head up....BREATHE!!

  7. From Stephanie, I have been thinking of the little guy since the ride to Uva. So sorry for the news you have received. You are so blessed to have him in your life. Will continue to keep the family in my thoughts and prayers.
    Keep up the faith.