Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Glimpses of Fun

Despite the unexpected news about the radiation tonight we really have had a great day surrounded by friends and love from home. It looks like Toys R Us has exploded in here and we are trying to have fun and glimpses of normalcy here in 7 Central:)

At frist I did not recognize this person, but here are me and David playing Little People in his bed:)

Pure heaven eating his first orange popsicle that his Daddy went to get at Food Lion when we could not find one in this entire hospital :) HAve we mentioned how rotten DAvid is?

We received some AMAZING and heartfelt gifts from home today and here is Kelsey showing David collages and pictures from MPS:) Thank you all so much and we cannot believe even some die hard UT fans were seen in VT stuff:)

We also received some AMAZING cards from the middle school, Sunday school, etc.. and party central here is certainly well decorated. We feel the love from the kiddos in our county and we are so in awe of their compassion.

David received a recorded book that Kyle and Caleb made him. It is so precious and something we will treasure forever. Kyle and Caleb were recorded reading the story:)

Kyle being here today has been good medicine for us all. We have missed him so and he has come in here like a breath of fresh air. He is David's nurse, PT, cheerleader, and I am awe of my son handling this all with maturity and grace. I could bawl when I watch how tenderly Kyle cares for DAvid. Mike had to drag him out of here to the Ronald McDonald house tonight:)

Walking around 7 Central. Kyle is pushing his wheel chair, Doug is pushing the IV pole, and Morgan, Tanner, and Kelsey are out for a stroll with their buddy Dave. It was so wonderful to see our dear friends today and they were here and able to watch David while we were able to meet with the radiation oncologist. With Jesus as our Sustainer and the wonderful love of friends and family, how can we be down?

Love these kiddos:)

This one is for you, Mrs. Hubble!! BTW, he asked to call you today, can you message me a number that you would not mind him calling you on? He is beyond competent with my Blackberry:)

PT brought David a remote control car to play with. He will walk way more to play then just to walk to walk. These ladies are awesome and have pushed him to exceed all of our expectations. I loved watching Mike, Kyle, and David play in the hall tonight. Glimpses of normalcy are such a treat here.

I love these boys and we encouraged David to walk down and see Miss Snowbell the enormous bunny here on 7 central:)

Opening packages with big brothers help:) The generosity and love that have come into this room amaze us. Thank you all for showering my baby with all the love, gifts, and more importantly prayer

This looks like a typical night at the Robinson household with a little hoops action between my boys:) Kyle has boosted all of our spirits today:)

The boys even played playdough tonight. These two brothers have missed each other and this Momma loved watching them interact and play.

Only David could get Kyle to color a Beauty and the Beast picture and right when I clicked the picture David laid his head on Kyle's arm. I will FOREVER treasure this picture. Check out the button that Kyle is wearing. All the faculty at David's school is wearing them and it seems that lots of folks in Smyth County are wearing them as a reminder to pray. The Grubb children walked in with them today and I could have just bawled. Smyth County your love and support of my Rock Star has overwhelmed and amazed us. Thank you for covering our family in love and prayers as we walk this nightmare

People have commented over and over to us that we have a strong faith. Just know that there are lots of happy moments here where we are entertained by our spoiled rotten Rock Star. Then there are awful moments where panic and fear overwhelm us as we learn about this new Goliath in our life. Please just remember that Mike and I are just scared parents who happen to serve a mighty God and we are just clinging to our Jesus. He is our strength and our sustainer:)

We believe in the promises from his Word and each moment of each day here we try to not let fear overcome us but look up and place this all on the Savior. If we had to deal with this alone we would have gone crazy 7 days ago. Each day we see glimpses of his glory and we know that he is doing a might work through this nightmare. That is what makes this tolerable.

Have an awesome Thanksgiving tomorrow and just know that we are all so thankful for you, our family and friends for the love that you have showered upon our little family. We are also thankful for our mericful Savior who is sustaining us each and every moment here in 7 Central. Lastly we are thankful that David just had his first poop and that means that tomorrow for Thanksgiving he can have more than an orange popsicle on the holiday! Love to you all.

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  1. Joe asked me how to get God to make David better. He loves his friend so much and has been worried about him. I pray that ya'll are able to stand strong for what we know ya'll must go through next. Let me know if there is anything we could do. We are praying every day for you all.