Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Revolving Door

This Momma is wiped out. Today is day #14 of this nightmare but how can you be sad or down when you see:

This little angel jamming with Chris Tomlin on Youtube to Our God! He loves this song and it has been our anthem the last few days. Don't you also love his deer hunter shirt from Shane? David is truly good medicine for us-he makes us smile and laugh all day long:)

This morning he was scheduled to leave the room at 8:30 for his radiation simulation. Basically they were putting him to sleep to do a CT scan to see where to radiate his abdomen. From the CT scan, they marked his abdomen up with a sharpie for the actual radiation tomorrow. He could not eat anything because he was going to be sedated but we thought that he would still be asleep and it would not be hard for him to go without food. Well, guess who woke up at 4 a.m.??? So, to kill time and to distract from hunger pains, we played and we drew some pictures on his cool dry erase board-don't you love his ghost??

Amazingly at 8:30 a.m. they came to transport him across the street to the new Emily Couric Cancer Center for radiation. They had to transport us in an ambulance to literally go across the street. It was so frustrating to wait an hour after the procedure was over for the ambulance to come back for us. It was a lesson in patience for this Momma:) I finally told Mike "to grab him and I would grab the IV pole" I was so desperate to get him out of there. About the time I was going to grab my baby up and take matters in my own hands, they came for us.

AS you can see he did not mind our short ride in the ambulance and was way more interested in playing his Ipod:) He is such a brave trooper.

Being in the Emily Couric Center was a reality check for me. It is such a beautiful new facility but it was so heart breaking for me to see all the patients young and old there for radiation treatment to eradicate cancer. I saw these people in a new light now due to our recent nightmare. Instead of seeing bald heads and thin people, I saw beautiful, brave warriors. I bawled when we first got in there because it is still overwhelming that someone in my immediate family is fighting cancer. Two weeks ago right now my life was still perfectly normal. This time two weeks ago I was sitting with Kyle at the orthodontist. In two weeks my life has changed dramtically and I am still suffering from whiplash.

But as you can see, David is still being David:) Here he is hiding from his nurse behind the recliner chair in our room!! He was being silly and here he is hiding from her! He would pop out and see "hello nurse" and then hide again! We all just belly laughed at him!! As you can see he is not phased by any of this and that makes him my hero.

After we returned to our room around lunchtime I have been focused on catching David up on his drinking and calories for the day. Because he was sedated for most of the morning, we need to play catchup:) Since we have returned, however, this room has been a revolving door of professionals. Most days it does not bother me, but today I just want to be quiet with my boy. I know the professionals are here to do their job and we are getting excellent care, but today this Momma is tired of the revolving door of professionals.

Mike and I are hunkered down in 7 central nursing our baby. We are kind of being meanie parents pushing food and drink on him. Let me be clear that Mike is doing a wonderful job of tough loving David to eat and drink. I cannot be hard core with him, but Mike is and David is going to be so much stronger because of all the calories and fluids that Mike is getting in him. We are a good pair for David because I love and pet on him and Mike can take a stand to help him get better. Mike is such an awesome Daddy to David. He is way stronger than I would ever think to be. He is doing an awesome job of balancing his job from here and loving on our David. There are times that I blank out when professionals come in here and Mike handles it all.

I have received so many emails and cards speaking of our strong faith. Mike and I both want to be clear that we are weak, scared, and tired parents. The only strength we have is from the Lord. He and David are the mighty warriors here and we are simply loving on our baby and clinging to Jesus. Today entering that Emily Couric cancer center was a slap in the face for me, but like always Jesus was there:)

Tomorrow is the big day for radiation so please continue to pray our Rock Star-we covet your prayers to get through the next two weeks of this intense therapy. Much love from Party Central:)


  1. Loving all of you and storming Heaven's gate with prayers for David's healing and strength for you and Mike. Through Christ you can stay strong.

  2. Praying for your beautiful strong Rock Star and for you and Mike as well. I do not know you personally but I live in Chilhowie and I read your blog everyday. You all are on my mind the biggest part of the day and I am sending many prayers upfor you all.

  3. Love that smile from that little boy!!

    Sabrina King

  4. I wish I could remember the sermon that I just heard on when you think you are your strongest, that is when you are really at your weakest. When you think you are at your weakest, that is when you are the strongest. We are praying for David at every church service, people who have never met you guys are asking how you are. One friend is coming to UVA on Tuesday and wants to know if you need anything, because she will bring it. I will bring anything you want, just let us know. We love you!!!!

    Donna Akers

  5. The Robinson's--God be with you each and every day!