Saturday, November 19, 2011


Today we have enjoyed a day of rest here in the PICU. It has been a welcome change of pace to have a day where we just relax and watch our rock star.

We have been beyond overwhelmed in a good way for the outpouring of love for our boy. Today the McKinney's drove here simply to deliver a huge laundry basket of goodies from the Chilhowie schools. Unbelieveable:) Inside the basket there was a Chilhowie jersey, hat, and signed football. They were playing a big playoff game today so we dressed DAvid out for the game here in the PICU:)
My cousin Kelly sent him a Beast!! We all went bananas because he loves the Beast so much and that is what he WILL be next year for Halloween.
I love this picture of Mike. Mike had a rough day yesterday holding David down for multiple procedures and blood draws, and then we had to wait and wait, and wait, during the surgery which was excruciating for Daddy. Today, however, we have just kissed all over our boy, rubbed his sweet red hair, and kissed his sprinkles. After being away from him for so many hours yesterday we just can't get enough of him. He is so precious. I have enjoyed watching Mike relax himself today and just be a Dad loving on his boy. We have even cut up and laughed over some silly things that have happened to us here.
We have received some amazing and thoughtful gifts. Just know we are touched and so appreciative of everything. My dear friends Tonya and Suzanne made David these collages of some of our special times together as families. We have had lots of fun together and these pictures make us all smile. There are also pictures of his classmates from MPS in this collage. We all love it!
The big news is that post op day zero he is sitting up without any pain meds in him!!! This is a huge victory and we are SO PROUD of this big accomplishment. He grimaced a little when the nurses sat him up, but then he was happy to watch Letter Factory. We are not even 24 hours out of surgery and this Momma could burst with pride!!

Today the doctors have really encouraged him and us to have a day of rest. His body needed it after the huge day he had yesterday. We have enjoyed a few visits and the big news is that we moved into the Ronald McDonald House!! That was a blessing because we really thought we would not move up the waiting list in time to utilize it. Once again we are reminded that God cares about the smallest details and considering we are approaching a holiday weekend this will be a HUGE blessing for us.

Our room has three beds with a trundle underneath two of them. I love that in a few days we will be able to be together as a family! There is a playroom in the house, tons of fun amenities, and the staff is so sweet. It will not be how we originally planned to spend Thanksgiving, but it sounds pretty great right now:)

We were so thankful that Suzanne and Jonathan have been with us for the last two days. They (along with Jason and AShley) were with us even through the post-op conference with the surgeon. It is so helpful to have many ears hearing all this information so we can try to piece it together accurately. The Jonas' were such a blessing because they helped us move all of our goodies into the Ronal MCDonald house. Suzanne and I set up our room while the boys moved all of our food around.

So that is the update as of now. No new news today which has been awesome for our moods. We have been bombarded and overwhelmed with scary news and hard procedures and today was just us and our rock star. Our nurse today has been awesome and that has made this day awesome too.

Thanks for all the prayers:) We love you all


  1. All of us here in Southwest Virginia "Praise the Lord" with you for your many blessings so far! We are continually praying for David and your family as you journey through this time. We are thankful the Lord is surrounding you with his loving arms and giving you the strength and comfort you need. As you continue to share your family with others you are touching the hearts of people who don't know you in many faraway places. Our God is an awesome God and he uses us to witness to others every day. Your blog is a great witness of your faithfulness. We continue to pray and to be excited about all the answered prayers! Lelia Rash

  2. Laura and Mike, thank you so much for keeping this blog are all in our thoughts every waking moment...and some sleeping moments too! I must admit ...this is the first time I've put my glasses on at 4 AM to check a blog report! It was such a joy to see the pictures of David...thank you for the updates! The county of Smyth is sending up a mutitude of prayers for David and all of you!
    BTW I will be coming to C-ville tomorrow to pick up Mary Briggs...PLEASE let me know if you need anything! Love to all, Mary Beth Graham

  3. What a trooper! Go David! =) Rock star is right!

  4. Laura and Mike, I just heard tonight of this trial. Praise God though, HE is always faithful. I see that David is doing better. I will try to keep up through this blog.

    As soon as I heard, I prayed - for David, you and Mike, and the other children. This is hard for everyone. Then I sent off a note to the person who keeps our church prayer list and the prayer team - these people truly pray for needs - not just lip service.

    I will continue to pray for each of you daily.
    Love and prayers,
    Nita Roush

  5. Although David and your family are facing this storm. God is using your trials to uplift and glorify the kingdom of heaven.You and your family are being lifted up in prayer.Praising God the father in this storm.The prayer warriors will continue to support your family and David "The Giant Killer"Our God is faithfull and in control.Gods blessings and his favor be with you.Praise be to the living God..