Saturday, November 26, 2011

Morning Report

We are all dressed up in our VT gear (except mike of course) ready for the visit from the Hokie Bird! Charlottesville is buzzing with the excitement about the game today and Mr. Rock Star is all geared up in his VT jersey ready to celebrate another VT win over the Wahoos. (Cheap shot I know):)

We are amazed at how well David has healed from this major surgery he just had. Except for being a little skinny you would never know he has cancer. It still rattles me to see that word and DAvid's name in the same sentence. Sigh.

We have certainly enjoyed being together as a family here in Party Central. It is busy here with all five of us in here, but it lightens our weary hearts to be together. David has enjoyed having his siblings here and it has been good medicine for all of us.

Several have asked about Kyle. We think Kyle is handling this with grace and strength but he has asked Mike a lot of questions. Kyle has sat in on doctor consults and he has learned a lot. He is so awesome to get David out in the hallway to play hoops or soccer. I am convinced that David is healing so much better because Kyle has forced him to get up and play. Kyle has had some belly issues which we think is stress and anxietyy. My Mom will be coming to Marion on Sunday to stay there with Hope and Kyle so they can be at their own house. Kyle should be in school this week. The Grubbs have offered to drive Kyle to school so GG does not have to get up and get Hope ready to drive him to school. We are so appreciative of everyone's kindness.

Mike plans to come to Marion for a day or two this week and my Dad will take his place and come be with me and Rock Star. Dave certainly loves his Pops so it will work out well. I will be here with Rock Star for the next two weeks while he endures chemo and radiation. We are trying so hard not to be anxious about the upcoming treatments. The oncologist (still hate that word) said that his chemo will be administered right here in this room and will be like any other medicine going into his port-a-cath. This all still blows my mind:(

We are holding on here. I know our lives will never be the same from this point on. In some ways that is not a bad thing. I think Mike and I have seen first hand when times have been so tough here that we have clung to our faith, our family, and our friends. Material possessions, silly bickerings, and other superficial things seem so unimportant and silly now and we are even more committed because of this nightmare to live our lives for Christ. He has been so faithful to us that from this point on we must be more faithful to Him.

Go Hokies from Party Central! We will post pictures from our big visitor this evening:)


  1. Prays daily for strength and comfort.

  2. I know that I don't "know" you guys, but we're all Marionites, right? I've transplanted myself to Lynchburg several years ago, but that doesn't matter! :) I just wanted you to know that I having been praying for the five of you by name constantly, and I will continue to do so. When I am going through tough times, I cling to two verses-- Psalm 29:11 "The Lord will provide His people with peace" and Psalm 30:5 "weeping may stay for the night but rejoicing comes in the morning"--I especially love this one in The Message version "The nights of crying your eyes out give way to days of laughter". AMEN! I am looking forward to the days when the only tears you have to cry will be those of remembrance of how God carried you through this, and how He healed David quickly! Love and prayers for Lynchburg, Shanna Davis

  3. Love and prayers continue from the Mountain Family. Angie has been especially concerned and prayerful for little David. She told me I had to get her a "button" to wear. (She tried to steal mine, but I held her down and tickled her). Thank you for your posts and sharing your joys and concerns with us. Your family is such an inspiration. Chrystle