Saturday, November 19, 2011


We have had a wonderful day. David has been "comfortably numb" and has rested extremely well. He did sit up in the chair for about three hours today and he did whisper "I love you" to his Pops tonight on the phone. We all about bawled on that one:)

We can't keep our hands off of him with kisses and love and at one point today he was sitting up and watching Letter Factory. I thought he was asleep so I started singing to him and kissing him. He woke up and whispered "move" I love his spunk!!

The good news is that he has required very minimal pain medicine today. That is pretty awesome considering we are still not even 24 hours post-op at this point. I still could throw up thinking how grueling and scary the surgery wait was. Everytime they would call us from the OR we thought they were calling to report it was over. Three times we received the call adding additional time. Yesterday was probably the worst day of my life ever outside of the day he was diagnosed with the "c" word.

We had an uplifting time tonight here in his room in the PICU. We listened to some praise music and we just had an uplifting time of praising our Savior through song. We are so grateful that God carried us through yesterday. At 11:00 when the surgeon called to say that they had not even started the port-a-cath we lost it. I remember telling Mike that I could not do this. Then God's peace washed over me and once again in my weakness His strength was revealed. I know that God carried us literally through last night.

I have had a few questions about his nose tube. The tube is draining the bile off of his stomach for him. His internal organs have been so manhandled that they are still in shock and not doing their thing well yet. So, this tube is helping drain the bile off his stomach for him. He will have to have that in place for 5 days and unfortunately he will not be able to drink or eat anything until that tube comes out:( He is getting nutrition through his IV so do not worry about him starving.

Here are some specific prayer requests that we have on behalf of our Rock Star:

Please pray that his fever stays away. He has had a fever today and we really want that to come down naturally.

Please pray that his urine output stays good. They have watched his urine output closely to make sure that all the fluids they are giving him go through him and not stay in his system and make him puffy.

Pathology results to come back quick and that they be favorable. We really pray that it is the Wilm's tumor and that it is the favorable kind. There are two different kinds of wilm's tumor and we pray that it is the favorable kind.

That David handles the fact that he cannot have food or drink for the next four days. We are both worried about this:( He is so dry around his lips and we all know David loves his milk!

That is all for tonight:) I got about two hours of sleep last night so hopefully tonight we can catch up a little bit. David is cozy and snuggly in his bed now:) We are so thankful and excited that he tolerated sitting in a chair for three hours today!! I was such a proud Momma!!!!!

We have had many requests asking what we need here. We are well stocked and have everything that we need. This fight again Goliath is just beginning. We have a long road ahead of us, but for now what we needthe most from you dear friends is your prayers for our Rock Star.


  1. My family and I have been praying for David these past few days. We saw the Beauty and the Beast show at Disney today, and I just keep thinking that I bet David would have loved it! We will continue to pray for your family. Your faith and love for the Lord is so encouraging to us. Having three children of our own and another on the way, my heart aches for you guys. But, I know the Lord does amazing things.

    Amanda Bradley

  2. Continuing to keep all of you in my prayers. I hope today is truely a day of rest for you all and David continues to do well after the surgery.