Friday, November 18, 2011

The Hot Dog

I lost it last night. Totally lost it over a hot dog. During the Hokie game last night David requested french toast. We could not make that happen so we talked him into a hot dog. I went downstairs into the cafeteria and ordered him a hot dog.

That nice gentleman made me a hot dog but he cut it down the middle to make like an open-faced hot dog. I started bawling. Snot started flying and my shoulders starting shaking. It was the kind of cry that you can't stop no matter what.

I looked at the man making my son this hot dog and I said "he just wants a hot dog. AFter all he has been through today can you not just fix him a normal flipping hot dog?"

Definitely not my prouder moment.

All of us here just have this feeling that we are so helpless watching David endure blood draw after blood draw, and pokes and prods on his precious belly and we know that this is hard for him.

I just wanted to make him smile with a hot dog:) Irrational Mommy for sure but that is the name of the game here.

We have had lots of requests for visit. Yes, we value and appreciate visits so much. Just know that today David is having a big surgery and probably for this whole weekend we will be in the PICU. If you want to visit and see David in all his glory in a normal room and visit with him, then maybe wait until over the Thanksgiving break when we are back in a normal room.

IF you want to visit this weekend we would love to see you but know that you probably will not get to see Mr. Precious himself. I know they are strict about PICU visiting hours. We are not even sure if Ashley will get to see him in there because she is technically not blood relative.

We are off to the hospital for a big day. Mike stayed with David last night and Ashley and I went to a hotel for a normal shower and a warm bed. David kicked me out of his bed so he could sleep with all his new stuffed animal friends:)

Love to all!


  1. I am a friend of Jeff Cassell and his daughter Emily. Tears are flowing as I read this, you are in my prayers. My prayer is that God will wrap His loving arms around you and your family, guide the doctors as they do the surgery and that He will give you strenght. Love and prayers. A sister in Christ.

  2. I am a friend of Pam and Daniel in Shreveport. Just wanted you to know that there are lots of people here praying for your family. I cannot begin to imagine your pain and fear at this moment. Please know that we are lifting you up in prayer! I can totally understand your hotdog meltdown! Nothing hurts worse than watching your child in pain. Hang in there!
    Kim Jones

  3. We have all lost it over something!! You deserve to be able to lose it! We are praying for you guys!! We have all the prayer warriors at our church praying also!! May God comfort you today during surgery and hold the surgeons hands as they work on David! We love you all!!

  4. I have never meet you or your precious David but wanted you to know that I am covering you all in prayers! May God's love be revealed to you as you face this difficult day!

    ((Hugs))from South Carolina!
    Shannan Holland
    (friend of Keela Hall Smith and Michele Atwood Pendleton)

  5. My name is Tosha Yoder. I live in Johnson City and am a good friend of Chrystle Gates (roving music teacher for Smyth Co. school system). I just wanted to say myself and several of Chrystle's friends here in Johnson City are praying for your precious son and your whole family. We'll continue to keep you covered in prayer as Chrystle continues to update us on David's conditions. God bless your faith and trust in Him!!

  6. We are all praying for a good report just something, just anything please tell Mike that Carol and Jesse are praying for David and you guys. Love all of you let us know if we can do anything.

  7. Just another note to let you know I too have asked family and friends all over the USA and Peru to add sweet David to their prayer lists - as we have done here in Smyth Co. My heart breaks for your family. Praying for healing for David, strength for you and your family and God's guiding hand for the surgeon, nurses and other health care providers. My family sat behind your family at a football game earlier this year (we were the ones providing you entertainment with trying to coach our 14 yr old son on the proper way to treat a date). I remember watching sweet David play that evening... and how he and his older friend were sharing his hat. What a sweet boy! Passing on lots of love and prayers. Lori Martin

  8. Dear Robinson Family,
    Please know that you are in our prayers today in the days to come. We know that God hears our prayers and answers us when we call to Him.

    LORD my God, I called to you for help,
    and you healed me. ~Psalm 30:2

    Vincent, Leigh Ann, Heidi, Harper & Hadley Adams

  9. My name is Sarah Holley, and I heard about you and your sweet David through several friends on Facebook (Anne Carol Richardson and Amanda Walters). I just wanted you to know that I've been crying and praying with you. My oldest son was in PICU several years ago and I came to know God as Emmanuel (God with us) in a whole, new way as He literally covered us with His Presence. That is my prayer for you...that you would truly know His Presence and His peace that comes as a result. Thank you for sharing your story. I look forward to seeing what God is going to do! Blessings!

  10. Hi. My name is Carol Robinson; I am a friend of Chrystle Gates. As a parent I have been in the place you are (feeling helpless as you watch your son go through this physical battle), but just as God was in the fire with the Hebrew boys (I'm sure mama would have been if she could!), He is with David in every test, every stick and prod, and He will continue to be. I am trusting with so many for nothing but God's best for David. Love and prayers to your family.

  11. It's impossible for those of us who have never endured such a dark time to imagine what you, as parents, are experiencing and feeling in such a time as this; and to even attempt to find the right words that will bring you comfort is hard. I followed a link to your blog from Facebook where someone was requesting we pray for your family. As I read the words you have written, I found myself uplifted by your faith! You, a mother, in your time of need and in a place that all mother's fear the worst are inspiring others through your faith. That is simply amazing. Kyle, Hope and David are blessed to have parents who believe in the power of prayer and hold tight to the hand of God who is the ultimate physician. My family and our church are lifting you up in prayer (as is all of Smyth county). You have a cheering section on this end of Virginia with a heart as big for David as his heart is for the Hokies! We are all pulling for you David, you are one brave little boy!!