Monday, November 21, 2011

Hard Work

This morning we are checking things off of our "must do" list to get some more tubes and such out of our boy. PT and OT came this morning to make him get up and walk. I told them right up front that I know that he must do this but this was going to be stressful to this Momma. He has a huge incision across his stomach so to sit up is HARD and painful. They gave him some morphine before they started manipulating him and Momma said a prayer.

As you can see, sitting up on the side of the bed and standing was a wee bit painful. Momma was praying and holding my breath but I know that we have to keep his muscles moving and fluid cannot sit on his lungs. Pneumonia is a real threat and scare. Pardon all the tubes and such comng out of him.

But our Rock Star walked to his fancy "red fire truck" wheelchair. Momma and son went on a walk around the floor. This hospital is undergoing some construction so we looked at the bulldozers and such.

Mike had gone to shower while we did all this and then we ran into Daddy when he was coming back onto the floor after eating and showering. We fought over who was going to get to push him and look who won!!:)

Then after our stroll we came back to the room. He has to sit up for at least an hour so he is now watching Lion King (AGAIN) in his wheel chair with his Daddy. This picture of them fist bumping could make me bawl. We love him so much that it hurts. We tell him every 10 minutes or so how brave he is and how proud we are of him. Today we are seeing his spunk come back a bit even though we know he is terribly sore across his belly. We have missed seeing the spunk of our little rock star over the last few days because he has been really sleepy and out of it.

Watching Simba and Pumba once again and if you look really closely he is smiling a wee bit. Mike was trying to sing Hakuna Matata to him and David did not approve of Daddy's singing:)

GG and Pops are coming down today to bring Hope for a visit. With all the fun stuff in this room she will have a fun day here with all the coloring stuff, new toys, balloons, and such:)

His morning workout made him very sleepy. Thanks so much for your continued prayers and love. With your love and support and God's merciful grace we are hanging on here in 7 Central:)


  1. Laura, as I sit and read, I just think over and over in my mind what a strong woman you truly are! You are an inspiration for us all. Keep up faith and the belief that if God leads us to it, He will get us through it! Lots of prayers, thought and hugs!

  2. You don't know me or my children but know that our hearts and prayers are with you and your brave little trooper. The battle with cancer has affected our lives and seeing your son go through this brings tears to our eyes. We got through it with no doubt that God has a plan and I believe your family's abundant love and encouragement in the Lord has Him smiling His blessings apon you all. If there is anything I could ever do you lend a hand or heart or prayer, please know me not as a stranger but a sister in the Heavenly Father. You sound like a wonderful mother with a spectatular family and a awesomely strong son. Sincerely, Aimee Tangtong (aka: Zumba teacher of Donna/Grandma)

  3. David,
    I hope you are ok. I am thinking and praying for you.

    Kailey Terry

  4. Hi Robinson Family. We were so very sorry to hear of David's diagnosis/surgery, but we know that we serve an awesome God AND prayer changes things!

    We were not surprised to see David enjoying his music therapy;) It seems like only yesterday that David and Zac were singing along with "Bebo" and shaking their noise makers in your sign language class!!

    Please know, Laura, that David and your entire family is on our minds and in our prayers.

    With much love...In Christ -
    The Hall Family (Tracy, Geoff, Zac, & Ty)