Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Momma and Son

Good morning!! My Rock Star is still snoozing this morning because he had a rough night. He was very uncomfortable last night due to his belly. It is actually a good thing that he is feeling gas and an urge to go to the bathroom because that means that his bowels are waking up after that crazy surgery and trying to work again. We probably did not get to sleep until 2 a.m. because he was so uncomfortable but it is all good. The surgeons have been listening for bowel sounds all week, so I think they will be thrilled that he was up with a gassy stomach last night:) He got to eat several popsicles last night and sip on some Gatorade.

I do not have the comparative numbers on the lymphatic fluid, but it appears to finally be slowing down some!! Whoo hoo! They collect it and measure it every 8 hours and that is what they use to determine if it is slowing down. The Momma in me says that it "looks" less.

We are excited about Kyle coming up today and some of our dear friends. After David finally settled down with his belly Mike and I slept really well. Rock Star asked me to sleep with him, so this tall Momma curled up with her boy in a pediatic hospital bed and had the best night of sleep ever:) Have we mentioned that he is quickly getting a little spoiled?!:) Now that he is so unplugged it is easier to snuggle with him in his hospital bed to read, watch movies, or sleep.

David is super excited about the Hokie Bird visit and we are excited about Hope and Kyle coming up. I think my parents are bringing Hope tomorrow. They were so kind and went to Marion yesterday to put our Christmas tree up for us. It will be so nice to have that done when we finally get home.

Thank you friends for your kindness and prayers. We are so thankful that we had a good nights sleep last night and this Momma loved being snuggled with my favorite Rock Star. I can't believe that this nightmare started a week ago and that as of tonight we will have been here a whole week. Keep the faith and prayers and specifically pray:

The lymphatic fluid stops now

The chemo will zap out those lung lesions in the first round to avoid radiation down the road. I feel like we will get our first chemo session here before we leave.

That his bowels start moving today-that is a good sign and will please his surgeon.

Traveling mercies for our dear friends coming up today:)

Love to you all:)


  1. love and hugs to all of you. We are thinking of you and we know you are in the "best" hands....Love one another. Laura

  2. Glad to hear little David it doing better!

  3. The lord is watching over you guy's. Prayer chains are going, and Carol and i hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving Love you all and will keep praying for David and all of you.
    From the Choates

  4. Prayers will continue 4U and 4 your family and for all the friends that are traveling back and forth to visit with David. I know that the Great Physician, Dr. Jesus is going to take care of David's needs as well as for his loved ones. Keep the Faith dear family and you can be assured that your Prayer Warriors will do the same.

    Herman (Crystal Dixon's Dad)

  5. Carole and Richard HendersonNovember 29, 2011 at 10:32 AM

    Our family keeps up with your blogs and this somehow makes us feel that we know you guys. We pray daily, not only for your "Rock Star" but for you as parents and for your other two children. We hope you have many good days in your future and know that God will keep you tucked warmly in his arms. Thinking of you daily.