Sunday, November 20, 2011

Specific Prayer Request

We just met with the surgeon. He thinks that DAvid looks good this morning from a post-op surgical perspective. He is concerned that David is still draining quite a bit of lymphatic fluid out of his tube.

During the course of the surgery lymphatic glands were impacted and some started leaking. The surgeon tied them all off, but unfortunately some are leaking. He has a tube draining it all off. At first he was draining very little lymphatic fluid, but now he has started putting out quite a bit.

This is not life threatening, but can make his progress slower because if it does not stop then he will not be able to eat or drink anything for a long while and receive all nurtrition through an IV. For a big milk drinker like our Dave that is going to be awful.

So prayer warriors PLEASE pray very specifically that this lymphatic fluid stops. On a good note your prayers about his fever worked because we have been 99ish since 2 a.m.! Praise you Lord!!!!

We are hopeful that today we can leave PICU and move back to the floor. This is will be a fun step because then we can bring out all his fun stuff again. There is no room in PICU for balloons, toys, cards, and my bible verses, so hopefully today we can have a little fun "decorating" our new room.

My heart is heavy this morning for some reason. I am feeling a little down but I am getting ready to get in my bible and that always makes me feel better. Our eating around here has been sporadic and minimal and for some stupid reason last night I tried to eat something too greasy and it has made me feel sick. I need to stick to a bland diet because our emotions are on such a roller coaster that often we feel physically sick around here:(

We are looking forward to moving to his room today-this PICU room is cold and super small. We have had amazing care in the PICU and we will miss some of the nurses in here.

Mike stayed with David last night and I went to the RM house. Mike said that David pulled the tube out of his nose : ) Amazingly he allowed the nurse to reinsert another one with minimal drama.

Thanks prayer warriors and dear friends. We feel the love from you and our Heavenly Father. We will post more when we get additional news:)


  1. Good Morning Laura and Mike,
    Your family will certainly be the focus of all of our prayers at church this morning. You are being so amazingly strong through all of this and I can see where you are getting your strength! The entire community is wrapping our collective arms around all of you in love and support. Please know that my specific prayers are going up for the whole family and especially for David and his healing. Thanks for keeping us updated on the Blog!!!
    Patty Warren

  2. I just want you to know that even though I don't know you personally, I am remembering you, your family and your prayers request when I pray. I have been where David is now and know what he is going through. I can only imagine as a mother what you are going through. I wanted to add a scripture verse to your collection. I came across this last week in my devotions and would like to share it. Exodus 14:14, NIV says, The Lord will fight for you; you only have to be still. This was so comforting to me and I hope that it will be to you also. As a sister in Christ I love you and am praying for Gods will for David. Thank you for keeping us updated through the blog.
    Love in Christ,
    MJ Dunavan

  3. Dear Laura and Mike,
    Prayers and love are being sent to your family from Orange. You have a beautiful family...strong, loving, and with enormous faith. Keep on Rock Star!!!
    Thanks for sharing your blog...Laura, you have a gift.
    Love and prayers from Orange,
    Lynn Hall

  4. Love and Many Many Prayers to your Sweet Family. You will all be in our thoughts every minute. Gray and Ali send their love and prayers to David and to you all as well.

  5. Jesse and Carol ChoateNovember 20, 2011 at 3:58 PM

    Dear Laura and Mike
    Prayers chain in our two churchs are hard at work. We love you guys and if there is anything that you need please call or send a note. I just can not imagine what you,Mike and David are going through. Our prayers are with you and always.

  6. I can not even imagine what you are going through.Our children are a special gift from God and it is so hard to see one who is sick.I thank you for sharing your journey with us and I pray that someone who does not know the Lord will see how you and your family are leaning on him and it will change there life as well. From our family to yours---All of you are in our prayers each and everyday. As brother and sisters in Christ we love you all.It is easy to see that you all love the Lord.
    Jimmy&Lynn Skidmore

  7. We are praying for Your Sweet David

    Buster & Mechele Perkins
    (CES) (MMS)