Friday, November 25, 2011

Party Central Update:)

It is a beautiful day in Charlottesville and we are enjoying the sunshine here in Party Central. Mr. Rock Star had a rough night due to the cheeseburger he had yesterday. Maybe that was not the best choice for his first meal:) I think he threw up big time last night:( The boys (Mike, Kyle, an David) had a hospital sleepover and us girls had a sleepover at the Ronald McDonald house. Today we are going to stick to a more bland diet:)

The big news here is that the lymphatic fluid stopped enough and they pulled that drain out!! It was not hurting him, but it was a pain to deal with during PT sessions and clothes changing. That is good news:)

This weekend we are just letting him heal from surgery and resting up. As of now we think he will start his first round of chemo on Monday. Chemo will be once a week for six weeks. Radiation will start next Thursday and will be 6 or 7 sessions in a row. He will probably have a session next Thursday and Friday, and then each day the following week. I am at peace with this now because I just have to trust that this radiation is all in God's plan.

We are trusting in God's plan knowing that he has this whole situation in the palm of his hand. We are doing well here. Mike and I both were a little down yesterday but we did try to get out a little while we had so much help here to shop for the kiddos for Christmas.

I just pray that God is using this nightmare to draw us all closer to him.It thrills us all so much how many friends and family are approaching the Throne of Grace on David's behalf:)

We are just resting up and praying up for our first round of battle again Goliath next week. We are very anxious to see how Rock Star is going to handle the chemo. The doctors have very clearly gone over all the side effects with us and as firghtening as they are, we have no choice. Chemo and radiation are the sling shot to take down this Goliath. So please specifically pray that David is one of those folks that can handle chemo and radiation well and that his cancer does not spread any further.

Much love to you all and prayer warriors get ready to pray this Rock Star through Chemo and Radiation:)

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  1. Can do! I hope that your family had a lovely Thanksgiving, despite the circumstances! David looks as if he's doing well and with the fiery spirit, I have no doubt chemo and radiation will just be a walk in the park for him. Your outlook on things often over power how it really is! Heads up! =) Get pumped for the big game and the Lord will guide David through the next stage in his battle with ease.