Saturday, November 26, 2011

VT Day

Today has been another wonderful day of healing and resting here in Party Central. Here is a sweet picture of David and Hope after their baths in their Hokie attire!:) We were all geared up for a visit from the Hokie Bird that sadly did not happen. We were called earlier this week by an official person from VT who arranged a visit from the Hokie Bird. We think they must have gotten stuck in traffic or time must have gotten too close to the game. David handled it well, but Kyle was pretty frustrated.

I love these sweet faces:) David has had a good day today. He is still remaining unplugged and the goal for him this weekend is to just heal from the surgery and get his strength back to start chemo on Monday. We have been distracted in a good way here this weekend with Kyle and Hope's visit. I will miss them so much when they go tomorrow but I know they need to get back to their routine and I need to focus on David in case he has adverse reactions to the chemo.

These two have had such fun this weekend with all the toys in here. They have really enjoyed the playdough from the school here.

We have all enjoyed playing with this huge Pumba that Jason and AShley got David. It toots and talks and the kids love it.

These two have been inseperable today:)

I will miss this sweet girl but she will be in Marion this week with her GG and Kyle. Mike is going to take them to Marion tomorrow and come back Monday for the chemo. My Dad is going to stay here with me and Rock Star.

It is still hard to grasp that this healthy looking, angel-face has cancer. He is feeling so good and he has played hallway soccer and basketball with his siblings. We are so proud of how brave he is. He is my hero.

Hokie boys ready for the big game. I usually am glued to the TV during the Hokie games, but my heart was not into this one this year. I am glad that they won, but I watched it at the Ronald McDonald house while I caught up on our laundry. Speaking of Ronald MCDonald house, I met a Mom there today who has a daughter with Leukemia and who also has Down Syndrome. I met her years ago at a Roanoke Down Syndrome event. Her daughter is here in bad shape suffering from a terrible reaction to the chemo. Her daughter's name is Emily and will you pray for her as well? She is 10 years old:)

Brittany Clawson stopped by today and DAvid enjoyed playing with her phone:) Thanks Brittany for the visit!

Family photo shot of Party Central. Hope was napping in our extra bed, David was snuggled on my lap, and Kyle was snuggled in David's bed. Typical family activity of watching of football but in a very unlikely place.

PArdon how terrible and pale I look, but here is me with my Rock Star. He is REALLY into snuggling these days, so if he asks Mom obliges:) Have we mentioned how rotten he is?????

I have to admit that as Monday creeps closer I get more and more anxious about what we are facing. This has been the biggest faith strengthener for me as I am so weak with fear here. The strength that we have had here has come from God. We know that he is sustaining us and he knows our hearts. I have so far to go in my walk with God and my knowledge of the bible but at least through all the Beth Moore bible studies I have done over the years I have learned so much about God and his might that I know what my God is capable of doing.

We know that God has this situation in the palm of his hand. We know that God is not going to leave us here in this nightmare alone. We also know that He is so happy how many people are using our nightmare to approach his Throne on David's behalf. He has been so faithful to us here and he will be faithful to you to in your darkest times. My prayers each day are so basic as I plead for strength for us and healing for David. Very few words have been needed in my talks with the Lord.

So as you continue to lift Our Rock Star in prayer please pray specifically:

That David will tolerate chemo and suffer very few adverse reactions.

Traveling mercies for Mike and kiddos tomorrow.

For radiation on Thursday that he will suffer very few adverse reactions.

That all these treatments will target the cancer and melt it away.

We pray that God will use our nightmare for His glory. We know he loves our David even more than we do:)

Thank you dear friends and family-good night from Party Central:)

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  1. I'm loving all the pictures :) Good luck with everything tomorrow, we'll all be praying for you !