Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hard Words

I cannot believe we are here. I cannot believe a routine visit to the local ER resulted in scary news that warranted a three hours ambulance ride to UVA where we will be indefinitely.

This is what we know:

That Jesus Christ is the Great Physician and He is our rock. We know he is wiping our tears and loves our David even more than we do. We believe that God has blessed us with this child and will continue to carry us through this journey.

We are scared.

AFter a consult with the oncologist (hate that word) that we know that he has a mass in his kidnyes. We also know from the CT scan that he has a mass above his kidney in his adrenal gland. We also know from the consult that sadly he has nodules on his lung that "appear" to be concerning that perhaps the cancer has spread already.

We know he has cancer. We do not know what type and and he will undergo surgery tomorrow for a biopsy to determine what kind of cancer it is. We hope to get the results back from the biopsy early next week and we have been told that we will be here through the holiday weekend.

We have amazing love around us and that this little guy has a major fan base and we are beyond blown away at all the love, prayers, hugs, texts, coming at us. It really boosts us to get such positive texts and emails. Even if we do not respond just know that they make us smile:)

David is happy even if he is in some pain from the mass. It is uncomfortable for him to lay flat on his back and we are keeping him comfortable. He is in the school room now with his Daddy to check out books and talk with his new teacher.

Kyle is at school today and is being loved on by some amazing people. Hope is in Radford with her GG.

We are sad, overwhelmed, scared, but we have hope through Jesus Christ that He will always be with us.

We love you all and thank you so much for standing in the gap for our family. Mike and I are holding our own and we thankfully get to focus on David and David only. We will use the blog to update often:)


  1. Laura, My thoughts and prayers are with you, David, Mike and your immediate family. Karen Smith

  2. Sending prayers for David. Nina Call SCTC

  3. Laura and Mike,
    our prayers and best hopes for a good outcome for your sweet little boy with his incredible personality and perserverance. We are praying for you guys to get through this and may God love and keep you always.
    Angela, Jackson, and Ray Berry

  4. Prayers for you and family are going up tonight. No one wants their child to hurt no matter what age they are , a week old to 35 years old. My family also suffered the agony of a child with cancer. We lost our battle but we know that God had different plans for her than we wanted and she now is healed and complete, And someday we will all be together. If you need to talk or lean on please know that I am here , even though you don't know me, I am willing to listen , I feel your pain, it maynot be the same , but still yet somehow a common thread is woven in all the emotions that you will experiance . May God lift you and your precious son up and pray that he will be healed.