Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Favorite Baking Partner

My favorite baking partner and I have really gotten into crafting with food! Because of preschool there are lots of opportunities to bake/cook fun themed food for our preschool friends. This week in my Monday/WEdnesday/Friday class we are studying letter F and doing lots of fun farm stuff.

Tomorrow we are having a Hoe Down Farm Party so my favorite girl and I worked in the kitchen to make some pig cookies. I am NOT a baker at all-but I do enjoy baking cutsie stuff for preschoolers who are not the toughest critics!

I know when my girl is tall and grown up I will miss these days when her favorite seat in the house is right in the mix literally helping me cook. She is demanding, and certainly is two, but we have such fun together. HEre she is flattening the dough balls to make the pigs bodies.

This is the picture in the recipe book of what they are suppose to look like. Cute right?! Perfect for a farm party:)

Here is the icing and M&M's ready to create the eyeballs.

And here is the final product. They were really easy to make and the hardest part was getting the right amount of red food coloring to make them pink. The first batch was definitely red, so thankfully I had another tube of dough that I could throw in the mixer to lighten up the color to pink. The pigs were suppose to have ears but I ran out of dough! Thankfully my preschoolers will not care! Ha!

Tomorrow we are sporting our denim and flannel shirts for the farm party. We plan to square dance, play duck duck goose and we are going to attempt to make our own butter. We will see how that works out:)

I love that my job allows me to be creative and plan fun stuff to do. I could stick to flash cards and worksheets, but I really love to tie in a fun cumulative event in my curriculum. This farmer/teacher is heading to bed we have an early morning on the farm tomorrow!

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