Friday, November 25, 2011

Day of Healing

Today we have had a day of healing. Dave has healed so nicely today and even felt like getting in the floor and playing with Hope with all of our new toys:) They actually fought over a toy and we all just smiled!! For once I relished the sound of sibling fights over a toy. Praise to you Lord!! A week or two I would have been annoyed at having to referee, but today this Momma loved it:) A week in this place drastically changes your outlook on life.

A little Lego action:)

These two best friends have certainly missed each other. It has been busy here in Party Central today but we have really enjoyed having Kyle and Hope here. Tonight Mike and Kyle snuck out to the UVA basketball game to get a little fresh air. Tomorrow I hope to take Kyle and Hope out to lunch. We are trying to spend time with them while we are still here nursing Dave back to health. Because the next two weeks are going to be grueling with radiation and chemo and we have to be here for David and they have to go back, then we are enjoying our time together.

These brothers have certainly enjoyed some quiet moments together.

Giggling and smiles in DAvid's bed. It has taken Hope a day or two to warm up to this hospital setting, but now she looks beyond the tubes, beeps, and strange nurses and climbs up in the bed to play with her best friend. They are snuggled right now watching Beauty and the Beast (again).

I love this picture so much:) Watching the love between our children today has helped heal our sadness and help us forget about what we have facing us. Mike and I both had a down day yesterday and today we have just smiled watching our children interact and enjoy.

Speaking of visits, THREE of David's teachers came down to see him today. We were so touched that they love David enough to drive here to see him. Here is David with Mr. Nutter:) David of course had to wear his hat for the picture! Ha!

It is so hard to be sad here. We are scared, worried, anxious about the upcoming treatments, and overall exhausted, but it is so hard to stay down now that DAvid is back to his silly self. He constantly makes us laugh and it is so awesome to see his stubborn side come out. He is in great shape considering the major surgery he just had 7 days ago. The lymphatic fluid tube is out, he has been drinking enough today to stay unplugged from his IV and he is not on any constant monitors. He is unplugged and able to get up and play. This has healed our sorrow so much to see him active, playing, and happy. He was SO happy to see his teachers today.

Miss Alley and Mrs. Hubble came down today for a visit. It was so wonderful to see DAvid light up when they walked in. These ladies are awesome and we all love them.

We were so touched and appreciative of their visit today. It is so healing to our hearts to remember through our visits from home how loved this boy is and how many people are praying for him. Visitors from home tell us stories of how many prayer lists David is on and how many people are sporting the David buttons. This heals our hearts to remember that we are not alone. God is always with us and is truly comforting us during this nightmare, and you, our prayer warriors, are uplifting our family with prayers. Just know dear friends, that we feel your love and that we know without a shadow of doubt that God is with us. We feel his presence with us and we know that He will never leave us to walk this scary journey alone.

Miss Alley and David playing a silly IPod game:) She is such a special soul.

Tena Hubble is another special teacher. She had Kyle for first grade and now this is her second year with David. We adore her sweet spirit and we are so thankful that she and Miss Alley hopped in the car for a trip to see our Rock Star. Just thinking about it makes me bawl.

Ashley and Jason also have been with us for the last two days. They came down Thanksgiving Day and left this afternoon. We miss them when they are not here because not only does David adore them but they keep us straight. Mike and I are so overwhelmed that we are not thinking straight. Jason has had to text me the code to the RMH house because I keep forgetting it. They are the brains behind this operation and we are so appreciative of them.

So today has been a wonderful day of healing. We are trying to not be anxious about the next two weeks of grueling chemo and radiation for our Rock Star. Here are our specific prayer requests:

That David's cancer responds to the chemo. Just visualize those circles of cancer on his lungs melting away.

Pray that the radiation zaps any stray cancer cells in his abdomen so we do not have to face this Goliath again.

Pray that he handles the chemo well. After being educated about the side effects it is so easy to fall into the fear traps, but we are remaining faithful here in PArty Central. We have sat through several education sessions where we are educated on the side effects of chemo and they are so scary. But then sadly you must go through with the treatment to get into remission.

Thanks dear prayer warriors. We love you so much and we are so appreciative of your prayers sustaining us.

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