Friday, June 1, 2012


We have packed so much fun into this week that we are all exhausted!!  It is a good kind of exhaustion though. I will gladly take exhaustion from fun over restlessness from sitting in the hospital all day.  Sadly we are packing our bags for a week long hospital stay starting Monday morning.  We covet your prayers for this inpatient stay.  This treatment is the one that causes his counts to bottom out so we not only ask for your prayers during chemo but that he will not get another bacterial infection and become septic. 

We tried to pack as much fun and sun into this week as possible before we check back into the hospital this coming Monday.  David requested a boat ride on Pop's boat, so off we went to the lake this week. 

My sweet boys!! 
My little fisherman and fisherwoman! 

David got to take a spin on the jet ski and he loved it!! 
Hope realized that a float is a good trampoline and she practiced her gymnastics!!
This grin makes me grin:)  We know he is still facing three tough chemo treatments this summer, so we are so thankful for days outside when he is feeling good:)

We are so proud of this skinny, bald, pale fighter!!!  We are so proud to be your parents!

Pops and David in their matching fishing hats to keep the sun off!
David loves to be the "captain" of the ship due to his new obsession with pirates!  Check out Kyle on the back tubing!
Mr. Kyle in the cold water ready to tube.  Brrrrrr:)
I LOVE this picture of AShely and David on the boat! 

We really had a wonderful day on the lake relaxing:)  Times like this are so bittersweet because it is so heart warming to see him happy and feeling good since his counts are all back up from the last chemo dose. It breaks my heart that this Monday we will be knocking them down again and he will feel terrible again:(  As always David has a wonderful attitude and except for the port access he knows is coming, he really enjoys visiting all his UVA friends while we are there:)

This weekend we will be packing in a little more fun as we cheer on Kyle in his baseball game tomorrow and hosting the princess royal celebration on Sunday as we also pack our bags for a week at UVA.  Thank you in advance for your prayers as we head back to the hospital to knock out one more chemo to get us closer to the finish line!

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  1. My prayers are always with the whole Robinson Family. Little RockStar is my hero, he melts my heart everytime I read the blog and see pictures, he doesn't know me but I love and pray for him so much. And he is so lucky to have such great parents as he has. I know the Lord is holding everyone hand with every trip and every treatment. God Bless!