Thursday, June 7, 2012

Almost there

Happy Thursday from 7 Central! Yesterday David had a great day after his third dose of chemo. So far no nausea or vomiting and he still has an appetite for his beloved salads and oatmeal. He has enjoyed having GG and Hope here and this morning both kiddos are in school.

Because his chemo is early in the day and he is doing so well, the doctor told us that she is okay discharging us Friday evening versus Saturday morning since we are staying locally. One less long night in the hospital is awesome!

Our post chemo life is on the horizon and we are so amazed that we have just a few treatments to go!! After this discharge we will come back on Monday June 25th and then again on July 16th for one day treatments. As excited as we are, I am also nervous for next week when his counts bottom out from this treatment. Last time he got the scary bacterial infection and was septic so that is why we are opting to stay locally next week in case that happens again. We are so thankful that we have a local home so we can be close to the hospital-thanks Pendletons!!!

Mike and Kyle are home. Mike is working super hard-you would think his life calms down during the summer but the school board office is hopping this time of year. I worry so much about his stress level as he tries to be a good Daddy to his babes, his constant worry over David, and his devotion to our school system. His work ethic amazes me and I am so blessed that our kids have him as a role model.

I will admit last night I had about a ten minute pity party. Hope and I were leaving the hospital exhausted. We could not remember where the car was and we were aimlessly walking with a ton of stuff on our shoulders. She was whining as little ones do, and I got a text from my dad that Kyle bounced one over the fence in his game. I was so excited for Kyle andi just wanted to be there. Not here in this place where my car was missing, my Dave was getting chemo, and the darn elevators were out. I soon recovered as I remembered that Kyle had his Daddy and Pops there cheering him on and that for now this is where I am suppose to be. This place is such an emotional roller coaster!!

This morning we are good. Enjoying a few minutes of quiet while the kids are in school. We have had the same great nurse three days in a row and a good nurse makes the day better. There are some amazing Professionals here and we are so thankful for the love they show our Dave.

Happy day from 7 central!!!

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  1. Thankful he is doing good. I don't like those emotional roller coaster gut feeling that "c" causes. In fact remember a lot of folks do go thru that horrible road. I pray you keep your strength and you are a super great mom to your babes! That makes me so happy. You are so strong and I know it comes with God's help and your wonderful friends and family. Hugs & Kisses!