Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chemo day 2

Day two of chemo is done!! David is feeing great and has good energy and a great appetite! We have spent a lot of time with Haley and her family and all three of our kids have been in school today. Tonight Kyle and Hope are in Radford and after many phone calls I think we have the legistics worked out for the next week or so. David and I Will be here in Charlottesville through next weekend. Mike will have the kids solo at home this weekend. We feel like the next week is going to be crazy as we bounce the kids around trying to keep us all together as much as possible. Tonight mike got a little stressed on the phone as we made plans and I just reminded him that this part is almost over and we are so on the home stretch.

I feel like God is prompting us to visit some of the sad places from way back in November. As I mentioned yesterday we are literally right beside our first room we were in back on November 17th. Today it was empty for a few hours in-between patients and I just walked in. I gasped because I could picture so clearly those first few hours after our arrival as we huddled with Jason and Ashley and heard the words that would forever alter our lives. I also remember some happy moments in that room where we laughed at our blissfully ignorant David who rocked out to Hakuna Matata on the iPod and that Pumba stuffed animal that made some interesting noises. I also remember that was the room where family and friends merged together and we held hands in a circle around David and Jonathan prayed a beautiful prayer before his surgery. Lots of hugs and tears were shared in that room.

Yesterday we delivered all those pop tabs to the RMH. Walking back in that place brought back a flood of memories from those first few days of disbelief at how out of control our lives had spun.I remember sobbing in that tiny bed in our room at RMH begging God to heal David. Many tears of raw grief flowed feely in that room on the second floor. That was the place that I was often alone and felt safe to let it all out to God.

So here we are on our potentially last inpatient stay and God has promted us to revisit some places from those first hard and devastating days. We have come so far since those days in November. Tonight I am here in our room with David and once again my prayers are so simple and full of tears. Instead of grief and devastation tonight my tears are full of gratitude. God has been so present in these sad places here. During our deepest grief he has proved his mercy and faithfulness to us. We have literally felt his comfort, felt hislove through you, and we have been blessed to meet some amazing people here that God has chosen for us.

This stay has been emotional for me because it can potentially be our last inpatient stay. We met with the nurse practitioner about post chemo protocols and I will be honest and say that I am petrified to stop chemo. I feel like now we are battling Goliath with all the best stones in our sling shot and it is going to be hard on this Momma to stop treatment and wait and see if Goliath is going to rear his ugly head again. You would think we would be on cloud nine to think that we are on the homestretch and after this discharge he only has two day trips for chemo, but it is actually scary. We have a lot of praying over that one.

Thanks for all the texts, emails, and messages of encouragement for this stay. Thanks to Catherine for stopping by clinic and leaving that mote and love gift. We were meeting with team but we did appreciate you thinking of us. We are so blessed with such love and encouragement. Davidis rocking on through this chemo, but he is definitely starting to show some fatigue. Good night from 7 central!

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