Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Random Family Tidbits

We are so enjoying being at home.  Mike and I feel somewhat caught up around here after our two crazy weeks and we are enjoying Kyle's All Star tournament.  Tonight is a night off from the ballpark so we are all getting in bed early to catch up on our rest. 

I am a reading machine these days.  I have read so much in the last eight months-some of it heavy non-fiction and some were silly light reads.  Right now I am reading this:

It is about a boy, cancer, and God and I find myself saying "amen" over and over.  If you truly want a glimpse into life with a child with cancer read this book.  It is also a book that you must read if you are a christian dealing with something you never thought you would have to deal with.  Yes, it is about cancer, but it goes beyond that and asks the tough questions such as "where is God when _________ happens"  and "how does God let ______ happen."  It is really a great read. 
Last week while we were in the hospital two sweet blog readers came by and brought goody bags for each of our kiddos.  Hope's bag had this crown in it and she LOVES it!
After my wonderfully strange encounter with that stranger in the parking lot I have been looking around for more signs of God in our lives.  We all know He is with us, but sadly I am sure I am too "busy" to notice.  The other day there was this huge yellow butterfly that would not leave us alone.  We had to go inside finally because Hope was so scared of it.  For some reason, this butterfly reminded me of God's unfailing promises to never leave us. 
Speaking of Jesus, painting is super hot around here these days.  My two youngest have painted their hearts content the last few days-can you guess what their masterpieces are?  Both Hope and David painted Jesus dying on the cross.  I was stunned when they called me over to inspect their work. 
Today while Kyle was in  Governor's School and swimming at  Randolph Park, I took the little ones to the lake.  Hope and David both played in this little pool and had such fun. My heart just grins a happy grin when I see David outside enjoying normal summer fun:)

We finally got Hope on the boat today and then they fought over who was going to drive with Pops!  I let them slug it out and I took a siesta on the boat:)

I feel like such a blessed Momma today.

Speaking of being a Momma, a local friend and beloved kindergarten teacher, Stephanie Powers is praying and hoping to become a Mommy.  Lynn Burkett (125 Countryside Drive) is hosting an Initials Inc party on Friday, June 29th at 6:30 to help raise funds to help Stephanie's dream become a reality. Mark your calendar for a girls night out to shop for a good cause. 

Off to an early bedtime tonight so we can cheer loudly for game three tomorrow night of Kyle's All Star tournament!


  1. Laura - continue to pray for David and all of you! Just wondering if you've ever read.. "When God Winks at You" by SQuire Rushnell? A friend gave it to me and I'd love to pass it on to you if you'd like it and haven't read it. I find myself seeing little winks all over. God Bless you all!

  2. Hey Lois! No I have never heard of that book?! Sounds interesting-thank you also for your prayers :)