Friday, June 15, 2012

Three Years Ago

Exactly three years ago today I was sitting in a hospital under very different circumstances. This time three years ago I was scared and exhausted after laying awake all night in labor watching the fetal monitor begging our little girl to enter the world already!!!

Sadly i do not get to wake up with our birthday princess today, but blessedly this Momma and Dave will hit the road later to head home to sing Happy Birthday to our favorite girl in person.

Dear Hope,

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I am overwhelmed that today you are three. I would be so sad that you are growing so fast but your hilarious personality and sweet nurturing skills soften the blow a wee bit. You make us laugh with what comes out of your mouth and your funny expressions. You bring glitter, sparkles and lots of girly fun to our lives. Your brother adore you and we all love you so much.

We are so amazed at how the nightmare has changed you so much. You used to be so painfully shy, but now you toodle off to "big hospital" preschool like you own the place, and your sweet mothering skills are evident with all. I am amazed at how much you have grown the last year. I get so giddy thinking about the next two years where you and I will be together in preschool making some sweet memories.

You are the most wonderful type of unexpected surprise and we are so thankful that God blessed our lives with you. We pray that you keep your sweet little spirit and nurturing ways forever because God has big plans for you! Keep singing Jesus Loves Me because sweet girl He does so much. We know he is going to use your sweet heart and spirit for Him one day.

Happy birthday princess and Momma and Dave are working really hard to come see you today and give you birthday love in person.



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