Saturday, June 9, 2012

Family Reunion

Tonight was a very happy Robinson family reunion when Mike and Kyle arrived this evening.  We enjoyed some yummy Mexican food and an evening at the playground.  I have missed my Kyle so much and Mike has missed David and Hope so much.  This is so hard to be separated but we just keep reminding ourselves that we are on the homestretch!!

Speaking of treatment, we are not clear if David did receive his chemo this week.  He has felt great (praise God!) and before his counts bottom out later in the week, we have enjoyed some playground time, and a few outings.   The kids enjoyed storytime at Barnes & Noble today and we walked around the mall.  David cannot be out in the sun in the hot part of the day so cool inside activities are best for us.
Oh this picture melts my heart in two from earlier in the week.  Here are Kyle and David walking together to school.  Watching Kyle push David's IV pole and knowing that they were going together made me tear up.  I hate this nightmare, but we have witnessed some sweet and tender family moments on the floor. 
Friday evening we were discharged and came to the condo.  David and Hope were so wild and excited that we hit Penn Park playground to get some energy out.  I was stunned that David felt this great after five big chemo treatments. We are so grateful.
This little girl loves her David and loves a good playground:)
This little Rock Star was sooo excited to be out of the hospital and outside in the fresh air that he just grinned these big grins. 
My sweet little playmates.  It is so good for David's soul when his siblings are here.
This sweet girl is growing up so fast.  She had a great week in "big hospital" preschool and we are amazed how much she has come out of her shell. 

IF you look very very closely, you can see a little light peach fuzz returning on David's head.  I am hoping it returns to its original red color, but we have been warned that often it returns lighter. 

As you can see a little girl did not want to leave the playground!! This is how I felt when we were first diagnosed back in November:)

As good as David feels we are so tempted to return home Monday morning after clinic.  But our doctor did advise us to stay locally through Thursday since he got so sick so fast last time:(  We trust and respect them so we will stay put to watch David's counts bottom out and then hopefully start rebounding later in the week.  We are thrilled that we should be home for Kyle's Area All Star tournament that starts next Saturday!! 

Happy weekend from Camp Pendleton!

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