Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Night Update

Today has been somewhat better for David.  He has been poked and prodded more than he wanted.  He has had an ultrasound on his heart, kidney, and bladder.  He had a more extensive chest xray and he has had blood culture drawn which we get to do again at 4 a.m.  Just what someone wants to do at 4 a.m.

He had a little energy this morning and we tried to keep him active.  By early afternoon he was pretty tired and napped.  When he awoke from his nap, GG, Kyle, and Hope had arrived and he was excited to see them.  He has had decent energy today and a little of his spunk showed back up.  We cannot wait to see him in full gear again soon.

Here are the health related updates for David.

Heart -- He has some gel like fluid around the heart.  This may possibly take several weeks to get rid of but otherwise heart seems fine.

Lungs -- Still thinking he has some lung issues.  For lack of a medical term, he needs to reinflate some of the chambers that may have been impacted by surgery.  He also has fluid around lungs.  He took Lasix tonight and his output has been good which we hope will rid his lungs of some of the fluid. 

Kidney -- Pediatric kidney specialist was called in.  His creatine was a little high.  After Ultrasound it looks like part of kidney and uretha are distended (hope I used the right word) 

Bladder -- Looked good.

Port removal -- Has not had morphine since 7 a.m. this morning.  We believe this is going well.  His temp got to 100 this evening but quickly dropped back to 99.  We will know in the next day or so whether infections may have been related to the port. Does not seem to have any pain from surgery now.

Antibiotics -- He is on 3.  They have reduced dosage and increased intervals on two of them because they have an impact on his one good kidney.

Chemo -- He is still scheduled for chemo on Monday afternoon.  He will be getting a pic line inserted at 1:00 that day.  We will most likely be here until late Monday or probably even Tuesday.

So what part of his body have I not mentioned.  Lots going with Dave and doctors are working hard to balance all of the different aspects of what is going on. 

Laura, GG, and the kids are resting at the apartment and I am watching an amazing lightning storm from the 7th floor of the hospital.

Laura and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for your prayers and concern for David.  I hope that in the coming days we can report on him and his siblings or friends doing some fun activity instead of these hospital updates.

If you are looking for a great daily email devotional, I would recommend Max Lucado's.  They are short but powerful.  If you have ever read his books, he has a unique writing style and uses powerful images to make his points.  Her is the link to sign up for his email devotionals:

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  1. Laura, I am blessed by the way you CHOOSE to always find something to be thankful for. It is a humbling reminder to "give thanks in all things". My heart has been heavy for all of you. God reminded me that Romans 8:26 " so too the [Holy] Spirit comes to our aid and bears us up in our weakness; for we do not know what prayer to offer nor how worthily as we ought, but the Spirit Himself pleads in our behalf w/unspeakable yearnings &groanings too deep for utterance." I have sent the past two days blog to some prayer warriors around the country who are lifting a prayer covering for David and your family before the throne of God. Kelly's cousin Karin