Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Evening Update

Blessedly David has finally turned the corner!!! Today he has had no fever but that darn pulse rate is still high. We just met with two of David's oncologist who are pleased with his progress but nothing has yet grown on his culture so it is still a mystery what we are fighting.

Our meeting tonight centered around the plan for his last two treatments. I begged to be done with it all, but we must finish the course. Their thought is that maybe there is a scary bacteria lurking in his port and that is why he has now had three scary infections. We discussed surgically removing his port and placing a new one in to avoid any further scary infections.

One on hand I totally respect their opinion and expertise, but I hate to go through That for two remaining treatments. We also discussed pulling the port and putting in a PIC line, but we all agreed that a line in his arm would be torture for Dave with his sensory issues. We will continue to pray and think about this in the days to come.

Sweet Dr Belyea knows that this Momma is desperate to make it to Kyle's first All Star game this Saturday, so if all goes well, we hope to be discharged by Friday! He will come home on antibiotics which we have done before.

David is sitting up now playing play dough that two sweet log readers brought by yesterday! Thank you ladies for the goodies! It is so good to see our boy up and interacting! He has painted a sword from school today and even played some ball with Amanda the child life specialist.

On a fun note, Miss Haley is going home Friday!!! She has waited eight months here for a heart and a perfect match has not come yet. They are taking her home to enjoy summer sunshine and let her be a little girl. Her line was pulled out today and she is running around this place wild!!! Se has to feel free after being tied down literally by the line since October. Please join us in praying for her to have a healthy, FUN summer at home. It is going to be emotional up here when she leaves on Friday morning :)

This place is at full capacity tonight. Since last night there has been 17 new admits. We are so thankful for the wonderful care that we continue to get. Several nurses that Have not even been assigned to David have come by to check on him. The word got out that he was very sick and the staff here has shown our boy some love. One of our favorite nurses even sat with me at lunch yesterday encouraging me-that meant so much.

Wen are so thankful for all the love you all. We appreciate great friends that run crazy errands for us, and wonderful friends that pass our Kyle around welcoming him into their families. Hope is in Radford and Mike headed home tonight for his administrative retreat tomorrow.

We will update if his cultures grow something and the decision about his port. Thanks again for your love :)

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