Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quick Dave update

Dave and I made it to UVA via helicopter about an hour ago. Tonight we visited our amazing ER at Smyth County Community Hospital for a quick finger prick because David has been very lethargic and feverish for a day or so. Our ER felt he was dehydrated and needed some fluids so the amazing nurse Tiffany accessed his port and fluids were started. His fever started spiking so after consulting with our oncologist we decided he needed to get to UVA. At first Mike planned to take him, but as the evening went on his fever went up so we decided to go ahead and get here fast via helicopter.

That helicopter ride deserves its own blog post sometime. Wow what a loud ride, but we were in good hands with the Wings team.

We are now here and Mike is driving up with all our stuff. GG and Pops are at our house wih Hope an Kyle. Mike and I are sad that we will miss Kyle pitching in his game tomorrow, but we know all of our family and friends will cheer loudly for our boy. Have I mentioned lately that we are so ready for his nightmare to be over??? Sigh.

I will update again after the chest X-ray comes back and his oncologist has also ordered a CT scan for his head. We are still concerned that his port is infected and that we may need to surgically take it out if it is contaminated with bacteria.

Gotta run to CT scan-pardon typos and grammar!!

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