Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Our poor Rock Star had a rough night. After midnight he spiked another high fever, his pulse rate and respirations went up, so his doctors started him on a third antibiotic to fight whatever infection we are fighting.

We just met with his amazing team and we are all puzzled why he is so sick again. On one hand we could have a viral infection or he could have another bacterial infection and that third antibiotic they started last night is what he needs to fight it. It is hard to see your child this sick, and it is even harder when we don't know what is making Him this sick. Sigh.

He is not well enough for chemo today so we are postponing it. The plan is for him to still have his port removed tomorrow because the thought is that this possibly could be a bacterial infection again from some bacteria that is hiding out in his port. By taking it out we will eliminate a possible source of all this infection.

We are still watching his monitors closely because his pulse rate is still high. His fever this morning is around 100 which is better than his 102 from last night. He is sitting up in his chair watching Disney channel. He is also still complaining of neck pain.

Thank you so much for your love and prayers. I am sad and discouraged that our buddy is this sick again but I just keep reminding myself that in three weeks we will be done with active treatment. There's light at the end of this dreary tunnel. We also
continue to trust God for his will for our David and our family. We are not alone and that is so reassuring when the question marks surround why this sweet boy is this sick once again.

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