Monday, June 11, 2012

Roller coaster Ride

Whew-the last few hours have been crazy with our Rock Star. He felt great all weekend and then about 5:00'yesterday he just crashed. He snuggled on the couch and said he was tired. Just two hours before we were visiting with the Burkett kids and Lynn here in Charlottesville. He was wild visiting with them at Sweet Frogs and I even commented to Lynn that I felt silly hanging out here when he feels so good.

I should not have spoken too soon:) around 2:00 this morning David was crying for me and he seemed in pain. I rocked him in the recliner and he could never get comfortable. When he took a sip of juice I saw a HUGE sore on his mouth. I was worried because by this time he was wailing in pain and he threw upnthe Tylenol that I gave him. I called the on call oncologist and wendecidednthat the ER was not the best choice for him because his counts are low and we were worried that he might catch another bug.

So I did what always calms him down. We all three got in the car and drove around Charlottesville in the wee hours of the morning. Amazingly he did calm down and sleep so indrove on to the hospital and satbin the parking lot until clinic opened at 8.

We got to clinic and David wailed in pain for hours. The nurses started giving him small doses of morphine and Benadryl to relax him. It took forever for it to kick in and give Him relief. I was beside himself watching him wail and wail in pain. That is hard on a Momma's heart.

While in clinic David started shaking and shaking which means that he is working on an infection. His temperature started to rise and this momma got nervous. Those are the symptoms of a bacterial infection.Sure enough his temperature rose to 102 and the doctor started Cefepime. The thought is that his large open mouth sore was perfect a place for bacteria to get in.

So we are now settled in to seven west and David is finally comfortable. Sadly we will be here for several days to see if any bacteria grows. Another week in the hospital is not what we want, but once again we were so thankful we were close by and could get David quick care.

Hope has been an amazing trooper considering the fact that she was yanked out of bed in the wee hours and witnessed her Dave in so much pain. Miss Amazing Meghan helped Hope get some breakfast when we arrived in clinic and arranged for her to go to preschool with Haley. Pops is here with me now for some reinforcement and he will probably take Hope home to Radford with him.

I will update as I know more. Septic bacterial infections are always a possibility post chemo and they are so scary. Once again I am grateful to God that we were close to our amazing team here. We are so blessed.

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