Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Update

The good news is that David has perked up some this afternoon.  The not so good news is that Kyle's All Star team lost today. Mike and I are so appreciative of all of our friends that kept us up on the game!!  We were cheering for our boys from here!  They are not out yet and they have round two tomorrow night.

Mr. David is doing better this afternoon.  Since we last updated, he has had an echocardiogram on his heart.  Last night his heart looked a little enlarged on the xray and so today to be thorough our oncolgoist asked for an echo.  The echo showed that he does have paracardial effusion on his heart which means that there is some fluid around his heart.

He had a mild case of this a few weeks ago and it blessedly went away on its own.  That is our prayer again for this one even though it is more fluid than last time.  Potentially this fluid could be a side effect from his chemo.  We are just going to wait it out and see if it goes away on its own. 

Before the echo, Mike and I had decided to agree to surgically remove his port in case it is infiltrated with bacteria.  Now his team does not think it is a great idea to put him to sleep with fluid on his heart.  So we are in wait mode. 

The cardiologist has decided to cut David off of his fluids to try to decrease the volume of fluid going in him to help with the paracardial effusion.  We are pushing the Capri Suns to keep him hydrated without his IV.  So far so good on that. 

Mike and I are trying to figure out the rest of the week.  Amazingly Mike has a conference here in Cville starting tomorrow which helps. We have yet to hear when we will be discharged but David does have chemo scheduled for Friday so at this point we will stay here through the week. 

David and Mike are playing Swamp People on the Ipad.  David is very resistant to getting up and moving so we are bribing him to get up and walk.  The paracardial effusion makes you feel weak and tired, so we know he feels punky still.  He is back on Cefepime and Vancomicin treating an infection since he did have a fever. 

That is the update this Sunday afternoon:) Thanks so much for your love and prayers.  We are so appreciative of all of our friends that showed up to cheer on our pitcher today and for GG and Pops taking him to the game.  Hope had a swimming playdate with Ashley, Wendi, and Brooklyn and I know she had fun with those fun girls!! We are so blessed with so much love and support.

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