Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update from UVA

David and I have had a snuggly day here. His third antibiotic (gentamicin) has helped him perk up! He is still tired and achy, but at least he is not moaning and crying in pain like yesterday. We have snuggled, napped, and got our praise on with David Crowder on YouTube. There is nothing like snuggling with David and singing How He Loves Us.

Mike has been at his conference today here at UVA. We will switch out places later so I can go to the condo to catch up on our laundry. We know that sometime tomorrow David will have surgery to take out his port. We are looking forward to getting that out since it is the most likely culprit for these continued infections.

When he is sedated for surgery, he will have an IV placed in him for his meds and fluids for the next few days plus his chemo. As much as we look forward to getting that port out, I do dread him having an IV. He had one back in November before his port was put in and he did not care for it. We just keep reminding ourselves that we have three weeks left and we can handle anything for three weeks :)

Emotionally mike and I are much better today. Mike is tired from pulling night shift here at the hospital with David and sitting in an intense conference each day here at UVA. He has had such little sleep I am not sure how he is continuing to walk much less think and interact at a conference! He is a tough bird for sure.

My parents have Kyle and Hope and they are doing well and seem to be handling everything well. We hope they can come up after the surgery is behind us. We are also blessed with such a wonderful team here. It has been sweet to see so many nurses come back and visit when They heard that David was feeling better today.

We pray that David feels better and has a better evening tonight. He tends to get a fever and deteriorate around bedtime. We hope that this gentamicin antibiotic will help him rest better tonight and that his vitals stay good so the port removal can go on as planned tomorrow.

After my naps today I am even more pitifully behind on emails and fb messages. Please know that we appreciate every message and they do lift us up even if we do not always respond Ina timely manner. I have personally been sad and discouraged and seeingyour sweet messages, emails, and comments do help so much. We are so blessed to have such a strong support and prayer team behind us.

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