Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jesus Will Meet You There

This day has certainly been a roller coaster ride.  Right now I am watching David sit up in bed playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with Mike.  All afternoon; however, we have anxiously paced his bedside watching his vitals go haywire.  This afternoon David's fever been ranging from 100-102, his pulse rate has been in the 130's, and his respiration rate has been in the high 30's.  We have been in wonderful hands as he has received so much care from our nurse and doctors.

Today we have been so concerned about David because he has been so sick and lethargic.  While he slept today his breathing was very labored and it was hard to watch.  He did have a chest xray to check for pneumonia, but the results are not back from that yet.  Nothing has "grown" yet on his cultures which means we still do not know what is making him this sick.  This is the sickest he has been to date which is hard on our hearts.  We have paced, prayed, and met extensively with his doctors.  He is on two different antibiotics, and if he crashes again they may add a third to his treatment.  Right now his Tylenol via IV has helped his fever stay down at 100 so he has a little spunk right now which is WONDERFUL to see!! 

So at this time, this is all we know:

He has some type of infection that has caused him to become septic.

He has not turned the corner yet, but we are seeing his little spunk come back.  He did sit up and call Ashley and Jason which was wonderful to see.  He has eaten five little bites of his beloved oatmeal which thrilled my soul to spoon feed to him.

We have amazing care here.  Everyone has been so loving and kind to us.  His team has spent tons of time with us helping us talk through why he has not yet turned the corner and bounced back from this nasty bug. 

Today we have been very scared.  I paced his bedside and Mike sat stoically for quite a bit of time this afternoon.  We hate to see our buddy so not himself and labored breathing is so hard to watch.  We have both watched his monitors all day watching for little signs of improvement. 

Over the last few days I have been reading Mary Beth  Chapman's book Choosing to SEE and it has been so encouraging.  Her husband, Steven Curtis Chapman is an amazing christian singer and they tragically lost one of their adopted daughters when she was hit by a car by their son several years ago.  Her book is amazing and tells lots of the stories behind his songs.  I have enjoyed it so much.  Today while David was sleeping I was too anxious to read or do much, but I did listen to some music on on Youtube.  His song, Jesus Will Meet You There, is so inspiring and on days like today remind me that our faithful and merciful Jesus is here with us. 

Today we were anxious but we know that God has a plan for David and that He is holding him in his hands.  Enjoy this beautiful song that has ministered to us here today.

Thank you all so much for the love, prayers, texts, emails, calls, and blog comments.  We feel your love so much today and we are so grateful that you are holding us up in prayer.  Mike and I have not had the most eloquent prayers today, but our God knows how scary this all is.  No matter where you are, Jesus will meet you there. We believe it because we know he is here with us in this scary place.