Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New plan

I just met with David's amazing team and we have a new plan. He just had the repeat echo on his heart to check and see if the fluid has changed. We are praying for decreased amount, but no news yet on results.

David will have surgery Thursday to remove the port. The surgery team feels that he needs a few days of a central line holiday while on antibiotics to make sure the bad bacteria will not just move to the new PICC line. That makes sense, and heaven knows we want rid of this bacteria.

Thursday while he is sedated for surgery, they will place an IV in him. He will receive his Friday chemo, fluids, and antibiotics through the IV until Sunday when it is pulled out for discharge. He will go home and then return for one last chemo on July 20th and they will just use an IV that day with no need for a PICC line!!!!!!

The team feels that if we can get by with out putting in another line then it will be healthier for David if he can tolerate an IV for this weekend and an IV for his last chemo on July 20th. I like this new plan because I was stressing about maintaining a PICC line for three weeks at home. I dread this weekend with an IV, but I am sure that Rock Star will roll with it like he seems to do.

Speaking of Rock Star, he is grumpy and over it this morning. Yesterday he was woken up by an EKGand this morning he was woken up by an echo. He is really grumpy and has lots of neck pain. Poor buddy :(

Mike is at work today here at UVA for a conference for the school system. I am so amazed at how he has balanced family and work. He works here in the evenings for hours after David goes to bed. He handles this way better than I do sometimes.

Yesterday I snuck out around 3 and headed home. I got home around 6 and visited with my parents, hope, and Kyle, ate a home cooked meal, and packed more stuff since we will be here for the week. I then headed to Glade for Kyle's 8:00 all star game. For two hours we cheered like crazy for our team and it was such a wonderful distraction for me. We won in a close game and we all are probably hoarse from cheering so loudly. it was wonderful to see a game, see lots of friends, and sit outside on a beautiful summer evening. I then left after the game and got back to the condo at 2:15 this morning. I am definitely feeling my age this morning :)

I will update with echo results when we get them. Kyle and Hope are at home with my parents because Kyle has another all star game tonight. Pops is doing a great job getting Kyle to his games and keeping his stats. Good day from UVA!!!

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