Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Long day

Wow today has been a very long and hard day. David is miserable and has spent the better part of the day moaning and crying in pain. He says his neck hurts, but overall he is generally achy and miserable. Hs vitals are still good and he does not have a fever, but he just threw up. Please pray for some relief for him.

The good news is that his repeat echo looks like the fluid is somewhat decreased from the other day!! We will take all the good news we can get today. He is suppose to get chemo tomorrow, port removed Thursday and discharge on Sunday when his antibiotics are done. He will have to feel a lot better for this plan to work, but we are keeping the faith.

Mike just finished his conference for the day so he is here with me. Thanks to morphine David is blessedly asleep now in Mikes arms. We are thankful that he has some relief. His team has visited with him many times today and has spent lots of time with us today trying desperately to figure out why this child is so sick. We are suspicious that it is a GI bug due to the vomiting, but we are in wait mode to see how his latest labs come bak and if he perks up some. This is misery to watch a kid with such a high pain tolerance cry and moan in pain. We covet your prayers for answers and relief for him.

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