Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy day

Discharge day is always a happy day around here! David finished up his chemo early afternoon and after some post-chemo fluids we were able to be discharged!! We are so thankful and grateful that this week is behind us and now we are resting at Camp Pendleton while we catch up on laundry and wait andsee what his counts are going to do. We have an early clinic appointment Monday for labs to check his levels. Hs hemoglobin has already dropped down to nine so he possibly will need blood later in the week.

Today Hopes afternoon preschool was cancelled (much to her dismay) so she and I snuck out this afternoon for some fresh air. Not only are we blessed with the use of this awesome condo, but it also has a pool! Hope really enjoyed sneaking away from the hospital for a quick dip in the pool. Sadly we missed a visit from Susan kilby, Susan Clawson, and carol Mullinax but David got to see them! Thanks ladies for the visit:)

GG is on her way home and we are so thankful that she came to help sit ith Dave so I could get out for a minute. This stay was long for some reason, but as always we had wonderful care. David is eating and drinking well and seems to be full of energy. We will be nervous this week as we watch how low his counts get. We pray the dose reduction will keep his white blood cells from going so low that he becomes septic again. We covet your prayers for that this week. I will be starting the Neupogen shots tomorrow to help his body get those new white blood cells produced.

We hope to enjoy some early morning or late evening outdoor fun to work on Davids stamina. After a week long stay he is pretty wiped out but middle of the day sun is not an option for him. We are so thankful for our Charlottesville home tonight to rest and snuggle. David is currently watching the movie Hook and eating some cheese sticks! Good evening from our Charlottesville home :)

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