Monday, June 4, 2012

Chemo Day One

We are all settled in on 7 Central in a room right beside the original room we were first diagnosed in.  We have been near that room several times and I can hardly look in it without feeling like I want to throw up.  On the other hand that room also is such a reminder to me of God's complete faithfulness.  That room is where the nightmare started way back in November.  We met with Margie the nurse practioner about the after chemo plan for David.  It is so exciting, yet gut-wrenching to think about our new "post chemo" life. 
We are all smiling around here because not only were we able to deliver the bazillions of pop tabs to RMH thanks to our wonderful schools and caring community, but we also got good news that the echo on David's heart is as clear as a bell which means that the paracardial effusion that was there is now gone!! Praise God:)

David's chemo is done for the day already and he is doing well so far.  He also received his monthly Pentamidine via IV to ward off pneumonia.
This was the sweet note we found in our room from LaDawn and Haley!!  What a wonderful welcome. 
We were admitted so that all three children could participate in afternoon school here in the "big hospital."  Kyle and another sibling got to paint and put together a big tree house with Mrs. Wendy. 
Here is a picture of the RMH house here at UVA.  They were thrilled and amazed at all the pop tabs and they will try to let us know the monetary value of all those tabs. 

Kyle and Hope are so thrilled to be here with us.  After Hope's big princess bash yesterday she slept most of the way here this morning. 

Here is a picture of all of the pop tabs within the RMH house.  A local scrap metal dealer will come and pick up the tabs and then bring back a check to the RMH.  Thank you to all that collected each and everyone of those tabs!!!!  That check will be such a blessing to this home away from home for tired and weary families that have a sick family member in the hospital.
Here we are with all those tabs!  All three children were in school for about an hour and we had a date to the RMH to deliver the tabs:)
David did not want to help paint the tree house so he did some computer work while in school.

Hope loves being here in preschool. This afternoon she was the only student in class and she had such fun with Mrs. Lisa.  They are doing an animal unit and she made two elephants in class-one for her and one for Dave:)

Miss Hope also loves to do crafty stuff and she has entertained herself with one of the presents she got yesterday at her party.  We are so thankful to be here together and that we got good news about the echocardiogram.  His organs will be watched very closely post chemo to make sure that all the chemo and radiation that he has received have not affected his organs.  It was such a relief that his echo is okay and we are thankful that day one of chemo is done!!!

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  1. Cancer-the ugly word makes my gut toss like on a ship out to sea in bad weather. Not where I want to be or ANYONE to be. I have been there with my loved one and it hurts an unbearable pain. I still feel those horrible gut pains of wanting to throw up and not eat but lay in bed and sob. No, that don't solve anything, but sometimes it makes us feel better to just CRY. I am praying for David & the family, may you gain comfort from GOD each day! LC