Monday, June 11, 2012

Dr Consult

I just met with Davids oncologist, Dr B. who feels that David is holding his own but has not quite turned the corner with this nasty bacterial infection and sadly he is once again septic. We all had hoped that as the IV Tylenol kicked in his fever and pulse rate would go down. The temperature has come down, but the pulse rate is still running in the 130's which is weird. It shows the team that he possibly has a nasty infection so they are adding another antibiotic (gentomycin) to his treatment and also giving him a blood transfusion.

He is due for another dose of meds here in a few minutes and our resident will be bedside to make sure his stats stay stable. Often when antibiotics are pushed through the line that is infected the toxins are pushed throughout his body which makes his stats go haywire. I prayed hard while they did it earlier so once again I will pray for that.

He is a sick little guy whomhas slept for most of the afternoon and evening. Tis place is full tom the brim and we are in a tiny room. I am sad we are here, but so thankful,for our amazing care, your encouragement and love, and our heavenly Father who has sustained us today.

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  1. I am praying for your little guy. He is so cute and such a fighter. Hopefully he can sleep it off and feel better when he wakes up.