Thursday, June 28, 2012


The word brutal best describes our day today. This little minor surgery has been very difficult for sweet Dave. His stats and vitals did not like the surgery, so his pulse ox has been very low this afternoon. The good news about that is that we have had such amazing care that our room has been full of doctors and nurses all day watching the monitor. The bad news is that they were so worried abut him that they camped out in here.

The team feels that the wound site where the port was is very tender to him so he is refusing to take dep breaths which makes his pulse ox too low for comfort. Then because he is in pain his pulse rate is up high. Then poor pumpkin spiked a 101 fever during the drama which leads us to believe that the line was infected and some bacteria got released in his body which caused the temp to spike. So the team had to take blood to check cultures and because his port is no longer there for labs to be drawn off of it, then he had to have blood drawn from his hand. Momma walked out on that one. My heart is broken for all that he has endured today and in the past month.

I must just say that we have had a roomful of people in here today that have tenderly cared for our boy. Nurses that were not even assigned to him today came in to help and sit with us. Our resident got comfy in the recliner and sat in here with us for two hours. The level of care and compassion here is unbelievable. When I lost it today the nurses loved on me too offering tissues, drinks, and hugs. This place is amazing.

So now we are resting from the drama of the day. David is asleep with oxygen blowing in his face and I am sitting here thanking God for once again being with us here. I felt him here with us today during those hard hours where we were trying get our by comfortable and breathing easier.

Thank you prayer warriors and friends for praying us through a rough afternoon. They have warned us that this evening he could deteriorate again but at least now we are on top of his pain and his stats have blessedly stabilized.

Much love from UVA!

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