Sunday, June 17, 2012

Boring Weekend:)

After the drama of Friday, we have enjoyed a blissfully boring weekend:)  I am so thankful that we have had time at home together.  The last few weeks have been rough on all five of us, and we are all exhausted.  We did spend a little time Saturday night celebrating Hope's real birthday.  I had made cookies for the party that we did not get to decorate due to time and space, so I defrosted them Saturday and the kids enjoyed decorating them with icing and cute little princess sprinkles:)

Dave made a huge cookie full of icing and he licked it all off!  We kept piling on the icing on his for added calories since his weight is sadly back down to 47 pounds.  Two weeks in the hospital was not a good thing for his weight:(  Poor pumpkin-he looks very pale and skinny to us. 
This little princess loved her cookie, but she also loves her watermelon!  I am still in awe that she is three:) 

Fathers Day today has been low key just like mike wanted it to be.  We did church, and then we took the kids to see Madagascar 3.  I have to admit that I enjoyed it too! 
After the movie, the boys loaded up to play some golf.  The beauty of living on the golf course is that David got dropped off on "our hole" because he was tired.  Kyle adores golf these days and Mike needed to practice for an upcoming tournament. 

Hope had some help making her princess cookie.  Hers weighed a few pounds after all the sprinkles:)
Kyle was sweet to keep piling on the icing for David's cookie:)
After the craziness of the last two weeks, I totally appreciate views like this where all three of our babes are together in our own house.  Cancer is so hard on the entire family.  We are definitely seeing the strains on all of our emotions and our exhaustion level.  The nightmare cannot end soon enough.

I love these three angels so much and we all keep reminding ourselves that we are truly on the homestretch.  Our oncologist warned us that the last leg of his treatments would be brutal and she was absolutely correct.  They have knocked poor David for a loop and the rest of us for a loop emotionally.  I worry so much about Kyle and Hope when I am gone.

Kyle continues his All Star tournament tomorow night.  His team won the first game Saturday and we play three nights this week in our Area tournament.  After sitting in the hospital for two weeks straight three nights at the ballfield this week sounds like pure heaven. 

Please say a prayer for David in the morning.  We have to visit our local doctor's office for labs which will not be too traumatic because his port is already accessed.  After the labs are drawn his port will have to be de-accessed which will be painful for him.  His skin under the bandage of his port is in bad shape and I know it will be painful and stressful for him.  Poor pumpkin has been through so much and I long to see him outside having some summer fun versus another painful procedure. 

On a fun note, Mike and I got an email this past weekend from the Ronald McDonald House thanking you all for the pop tabs!!  They said that all the tabs raised a little over $150 for their general fund to help bridge the gap between what families are charged for the night ($15) and what it actually costs to house a family ($76).  Keep collecting those pop tabs as you are enjoying your summer beverages!  They are such a blessing to the RMH!

I am still in awe of my encounter in the parking lot Friday.   I am so guilty of becoming complacent in my faith as the "busyness" of life consumes each minute of my day.  Cancer has reminded me that I must be more faithful to God because He has been so faithful to me.  One minute I am sobbing for mercy on a bathroom floor after watching David endure pain and stress, and the next minute I am uplifted with a reminder from a total stranger that Jesus was with us.  How awesome is our God!

Have a wonderful week!

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