Thursday, June 14, 2012

Morning Report

I just met with David's team. One of the residents tried to face time with him this morning but we were still snoozing! How cool is that?! We are so blessed here with such great and personal care. Yesterday our beloved Dr. Alisanski came by to say goodbye. The lord is moving her to Florida. I am happy for her, but sad for us. We both got a little teary as she left. She was the initial doctor on call when we came in and she literally held me as I cried. We love her but we know that God has big plans for her.

The update this morning is that David is doing well. He is amazingly skinny and pale but right now he is playing beach ball with Amanda the child life specialist. David adores her and she can get him up and moving to help with his stamina.

The team has decided to not change his port with only two remaining outpatient treatments to go. I am thankful. Dr. B thinks that if his port was truly colonized with bacteria he would get sick anytime he was not on antibiotics. That makes sense and we trust his team so much.

We are still planning for discharge tomorrow unless infectious disease feels that he should stay. It is still a mystery what we are fighting because nothing grew on the cultures. We will go home with seven days of Cefepime via his port if Infectious disease is okay with that.

We are enjoying our reading this summer. Every summer we always do the summer reading program from our local library. I brought all of our reading logs with us and David is really enjoying filling his up and adding his stickers. I also signed the kids up for the Barnes and Noble reading program. We read a lot here to take a break from the TV and IPad.

Good day from Charlottesville!

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