Tuesday, June 12, 2012

D-Rob Update

Good morning from UVA.  Here is an update on David (aka D-Rob)

--He is feeling better this morning
--He rested well overnight
--Still on two antibiotics
--Has had a blood transfusion
--His heartrate is still elevated running around 130 and they want to get that down to low 100s.  Most likely up due to pain or infection. 
--Will not eat.  Has requested food but will not eat it.  Mouth sores still looks bad.
--Tried to swab the magic mouthwash this morning but fighting us.
--He is playing Ipad which means he has a little more energy.
--Other than the mouthwash he is cooperating with treatment plan.

There are many cute stories about David and the hospital staff.  One of my favorites played out again this morning.  As Dr. Belyea did rounds, he listens to David with his stethoscope and David always has to use one to listen to Dr. Belyea's vitals. He mimics everything the doctor does. 

I believe he has turned the corner and is on the road to improvement.  We try and not get too excited that he is feeling better because when we do something else occurs but we are encouraged that he is improving.  These bacterial infections are scary and we really want his pulse rate to slow down.  It is still too early for the blood cultures to have "grown" something so the type of bacteria we are fighting is still a mystery.

Thanks for all the prayers for David.  Often the most dangerous thing while in the treatment process is fighting infections.  The good Lord continues to protect David when these occur.  We have had many scary moments but he is always with us and that is such an awesome feeling.

We hope each of you has a great day.

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