Monday, June 25, 2012

The plan

I just met with David's team and we finally have a plan in place.

David's heart function is good but he still has the fluid around his heart. Cardiology is going to have to okay his next chemo dose before he can receive it on Friday. Can I just say praise God we have only two remaining treatments?!!!

The port needs to come out. David had another fever last night which means that something is brewing. Thankfully he is covered on antibiotics here but we feel the port is the culprit. Surgery will be hopefully on Thursday to remove that. On Friday a PICC line will be put in for David's last two treatments. PICC lines can be somewhat high maintenance so thankfully we are only dealing with this for three weeks.

We covet your prayers that this fluid around his heart goes away on its own. Maybe his heart is telling us that he cannot handle anymore chemo, or maybe over the last few weeks between chemo and infections he has gotten a little too much fluid???

His pulse rate is still running high but the team feels that the fluid around the heart is causing that.

David had an EKGthis morning, and that was a brutal way to wake up. Poor pumpkin.

Mike is at a conference here at UVA today so Dave and I are hanging out. He is very pale and really is resistant to getting out of bed. We think the fluid around hisheart is making him feel bad.

I am so thankful for my parents who are holding down the fort at home and all your love and prayers. I am really behind in email and Facebook messages, but know that we read everyone and they do encourage us so much. Spending the last three out of four weeks in the hospital is wearing on us all.

We know that we are in the hands of the great Physician and that the victory will be His and oh so sweet when we are done with active treatment. I will update later after our consult with cardiology. Please pray that this heart issue resolves itself. Good day from UVA!

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