Monday, June 11, 2012

Evening Update

After wailing all morning blessedly David is resting comfortably. His fever peaked at 103 today and his pulse rate was around 160 this afternoon. We have had some wonderful residents and our wonderful oncologist close by today monitoring David's stats. He is a pretty sick little guy with some type of bacterial infection. iwas worried he would get septic again and sadly the decrease in dosage did not keep us from going down this road again. Sigh.

Mike is finishing up his board meeting tonight and will be here much later tonight. Pops just took Hope to their house and saying goodbye to her broke my heart. She has been such a trooper today when things got crazy. I am hoping to rest this evening since I got less than two hours of sleep last night. I am worn out and look terrible.

Hopefuly we will known in a day or two what type of bacteria he has so that his doctor will make sure that the Cefepime is the correct fit for the bacteria. His weight has dropped again to 49 pounds which makes me nervous that he will continue to drop with that big sore in his mouth. Chemo is infamous for creating these painful mouth sores :(

I am so tired and sad we are back here again this week. I then keep reminding myself that we are so on the homestretch and just as I held David in my arms today while he had the chills, Godhad us both in his arms. I once again felt his presence so strongly when I watched Davids stats go up and fear tried to overwhelm me. This is such a sad dreary place, but here where it is easy to lose hope is where I feel our Jesus so strongly. When it is dark and dreary here is where His light shines to me. Good evening from 7 west!

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  1. In those dark times, it makes ya feel so sad and it feels like you are all alone. But your Best Friend, Jesus is right there with you watching and molding you. He has a plan! Its not always what we want. Hospitals are NOT fun, they make us sad. I pray for patiences and comfort for you and sweet healing for David. GOD BLESS YOU AND TRY TO RELAX if you can ....