Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Labs and Baseball

Home is such a beautiful place to be.  Yesterday the little ones and I had a great day catching up at home which means beds to change, laundry to catch up on, and some cooking for the week.  Eating hospital cafeteria food for two straight weeks will get you super motivated and excited to try some new recipes.  Kyle is in a day camp this week at the Governor's School in Pulaski and is loving it.  It thrills us when Kyle gets his geek on!!

Yesterday morning we made a stop at Family Physicians of Marion.  They have been beyond gracious and wonderful to us and even UVA brags on how quickly they process labs.  David's labs yesterday were low-especially his hemoglobin and platelets, but they were not low enough for a transfusion.  He has hit the bottom and hopefully we are on the upward climb now.  I did receive a call from UVA saying that his ANC (absolute neutraphil count) is now 5000 and we can blessedly stop the nightly shot.  David is tired but has bursts of energy. 

Last night we got to put cancer aside for a few hours and go cheer on our oldest in his All Star game.  He was the starting pitcher last night and not only did GG and Pops come to cheer him on, but Uncle Chad and Clayton made the trek down I-81 to see him pitch.  Kyle was nervous so we did not tell him that they were coming and he said in the fifth inning he heard Uncle Chad!!  What a nice surprise:)

Here are some amazing pictures that our good friend Sarah Martin took. If she was not too busy chasing her own boys in sports, she would be a great sports photographer. She knows sports and sports etiquette and would be great.  She tells me when it is okay to yell at the umpires enthusiastically cheer and when I need to tone it down.  She has been such an encourager to both of us over the last eight months and we are so appreciative of her friendship. 

Today Kyle is going back to the Governor's School and afterwards the "boy bus of five" is going to stop off at Randolph Park to swim.  The little ones and I are going to head to the lake to let David ride Pop's boat.  David loves a good boat ride and after all he has been through the last few weeks, a weekend on the lake sounds awesome.  The back part of the boat is shady and the dock is shady so the lake is a great place for David to be.  Kyle chose Randolph Park over the lake which means that he is growing up. 

Have a great Tuesday!

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