Friday, January 27, 2012


Ahhhh this feels right. All five of us together under one roof. Granted it is a hospital room and one of my babes is still hooked up to lots of IV's, but we will take it:) The nightmare has taught us to enjoy every moment!

A sweet blog reader sent us this homemade Noah's Ark pillowcase! Isn't it precious?! Not only did she make David one, but she made 14 additional ones for other children on the hall! Thank you for the love. It makes me smile to think that my baby is sleeping on the God's promises:)
He felt well enough today to sit in the blue chair and watch Tangled on Netflix.
Tonight when Hope came to visit, she pulled out all of David's coloring stuff and wrote her name for me! I am so proud of her:)
My sweet Kyle snuggling his David. It was such a happy reunion tonight! It has been a long week and it was good to enjoy some family time. I took Hope and Kyle to Chick-fil-a and Sweet Frogs tonight while Mike had fun with David.
David is feeling much better tonight and even had a little energy to play with Kyle. After a few minutes he wanted to keep playing, but he had to sit in a chair:) Having his brother and sister here has been such good medicine:)
Our sweet boy. I get so overwhelmed with joy when I think about how much worse this week could have been:)
Love seeing my sweet boys play together.
Hope and Daddy sharing some alfredo:)

Tonight the oncologist met with us for a while. It appears that we will get a break next week to let his body recover before the next five day intense chemo on starting on February 9th. We are so thankful for this repreive and hopefully if all goes well we can come home on Monday on IV fluids. We will have to return to clinic on Thursday for a check in and for a port change. Please pray that David's appetite returns quickly. We are very concerned about his weight since it has dropped down to 46 pounds.

I am heading to Camp Pendleton with Kyle and Hope for a sleepover and Mike is staying here with David:) It is so awesome to be together!

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  1. It does my heart good to see sweet David up and playing. I hope he has sweet dreams and a good night's rest on the Noah's Ark pillowcase.